Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks: Unfolding The Kitchen Designs, Evolution, And Use

You cannot call farmhouse a design style as it is not a brainchild of interior designers, architects, or the industrial revolution. During the era of 1800s and early 1900s, people in rural areas used whatever readily available resources and materials they had to build their farmhouses. They did everything by themselves as they could not afford the cost of an architect.

These staple homes were just practical, and impressing guests through them was never a plan. Their boxy and straightforward designs were easy to replicate. However, after the Great Depression, things started changing. Running water, electricity, and building materials reached the hinterlands, giving rise to a new type of American farmhouses.

The evolved version of these houses featured stoves, lighting, and indoor plumbing. A combination of natural materials and these modern luxuries paved the way for a warmer and charming farmhouse style of today. American’s love for this interior theme has been constant because of its inherent countryside feel.

You don’t need a massive porch or acres of farmland to give your home a rural character. A few necessary tweaks can be enough to recreate an old-world charm in your suburban home.

Classical VS Modern Farmhouse Look

Whether you fancy a classical or latest design, you deserve to know that a farm sink is a must in any farmhouse theme. Since running water was a luxury available to only a handful of wealthy people in those early days, the farmhouse sinks helped the rural homes store and use water. The whole family depended on it for every small and large household task.

So, you have to keep this in mind. Some homeowners who want to enjoy the touch of a farmhouse ambiance in their homes but cannot afford expensive remodeling budgets equip their kitchens with an apron-front or farmhouse-inspired sink design.

The presence of this single fixture is enough to transport your thoughts to the authentic farmhouse era. However, it is up to you to decide how you will use it to give your favorite corner of the house a modern or classical twist. Here are some insights to help you achieve the look.

Classical Farmhouse Kitchen Improvement Ideas

When you choose this particular theme, your approach has to be mainly practical. In those days, people kept their décor minimal and straightforward. Every element contributed to the demanding daily needs of the residents. So, your selection should also mimic this somewhere.

For example, wood was the common natural building material then for its easy availability. From wooded panel walls to plank floors and wood beams, everything was about this natural accent. Today’s classical version may use a butcher block for kitchen workstations and barn board for panels. The apron sink can be fireclay material, which is quite traditional and nostalgic.

To complete the look, you can accessorize the space with vintage furniture and furnishings. Anything with weathered polish can be a perfect companion. You can think of different types of lighting options, for example. As far as the choice of fabrics goes, pick floral and paisley designs.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Improvement Ideas

When you imagine this specific theme, you mostly lean towards a more comfortable and relaxed choice supported by soft lines, glazy accents, and neutral shades. Sophistication dominates rustic through contemporary elements, such as granite counters, beautiful lighting, and stainless steel appliances.

One of the easy options in these can be the stainless steel farmhouse sink. Available in different lengths and depths, a stainless steel sink, for instance, can have a single bowl or a divide. If you are a busy cook, you can find a large bowl more appropriate. However, for your multitasking, a basin with a divider can be more helpful.Sink

To be precise, for this type of interior, you have to focus on a variety of features. The choice of furniture and accessories should ooze comfort and utility. They should have an everyday appeal so that your kitchen looks evolved. Add a range of cold and warm tones in a neutral base to balance everything — usually, colors like grey, silver, cream, and beige work well.

If you buy a stainless steel sink, you don’t have to worry about color tones. An apron sink in stainless steel body can vibe with any background hassle-free. Still, there’s a wide collection of farmhouse sinks in the market for you to choose from. Pick a style that best suits the nuances of the farmhouse design you’re going for.

Furthermore, patterns can be simple and latest, while textures should have the depth to maximize the impact of neutral tones. Experts recommend using mid-century neoteric teak dining collection, industrial-style metal lighting, and so on. These things can go well with your stainless steel farmhouse sink in the background.

At the same time, pay attention that you don’t add too many accessories. This theme is more about coziness. Hence, the formula should be “the less, the better”.


Whether your idea of a perfect farmhouse kitchen is classical or modern, you must know one thing: an apron-front sink will always be at its core. Earlier, it may have been all about the basic needs and practical use. The transformed models are about ease of use, utility, and aesthetics too.

If you want to emphasize its industrial feel, buy a commercial-style pull-down faucet. A stainless steel or granite farmhouse sink with this type can only accentuate your chosen interior theme.

From this, it is clear that a farmhouse kitchen décor and a sink can give your home an inescapable rustic or modern charm based on which side you choose to lean. Experts believe that modern farmhouse kitchen ideas can be anti-urban because even if they have evolved, their genesis has been the farmland.

However, it doesn’t matter as long as you appreciate the vintage spirit of this décor and enjoy basking in the memories from the old days. Recently, this concept has been quite popular as people want to indulge in quietness and simplicity.

Shopping for this style should not be an issue. Still, it is better to be careful with the choice of store. For the kitchen sink range, you can check online stores to secure incredible deals and quality. You will have many options to explore, as well.