6 Unusual Fashion Ideas to Spice Up Your Everyday Look

Everyone wants to look and feel good these days. Our clothes are not just designed to keep us warm and cover our nakedness. They are often chosen to match the color of our eyes, hair, and skin.

Some people like to wear bright clothes and others to power dress. We could be making a fashion statement or trying to rebel and shock. This article gives six suggestions on how to spice up your appearance.

1. Mexican Blankets

Mexican blankets are a great option for someone sitting outside while the temperature cools, or for a pleasant evening by the beach. When considering buying Mexican blankets online, the experts explain that handmade ones are actually eco-friendly. That’s because natural fibers like cotton or wool are used.

Mexican blankets are lightweight to carry, which makes them highly portable. They are often worn by men in Mexico, but they can be unisex. Their bright colors are perfect for making people stand out from the crowd.

2. Wearing a National Dress

This can be a real eye-catching look. If a man wears a Scottish national dress, his outfit will include a kilt. That’s a radical change to wearing trousers! If someone loves brightly colored shoes, they could wear the Moroccan national dress with colored sequins. Turkish outfits can gain attention too, as Turkish women often use bright colors that catch the eye.

3. Wearing the Same Material or Color

This creates a clearly recognizable theme. How about turning up at work dressed in fur clothes and fur shoes? In cold weather, perhaps woolen tops and skirts might be an option. For a really radical appearance, how about plastic? This harks back to the days of outlandish pop stars and the punk rock movement.

Having clothes and accessories that are all the same color can be exciting too. It’s an easy to understand theme. For a really loud appearance, why not choose bright green or bright orange?

4. Mix and Match

Predictability and conformity are the enemies of standing out in a crowd. Usually, people wear a business shirt with business trousers. How about mixing work and non-work clothes? What about putting colors together that actually clash? Items like flared trousers belonged to the 1970s.

How about choosing items from different era’s and putting them together? It’s a great way of creating something very original. People rarely wear something big with something small. Why not try a baggy jumper with a mini skirt, for example.

5. Fashion Glasses

When glasses were first designed, they were unpleasant-looking with wiry metal frames. These days there’s a lot more choice. Fashion glasses abound for that certain look. It’s not unheard of for people to wear glasses without any lenses. Let’s face it – glasses can either be subtle and small or the most noticeable feature on one’s head.

Pop groups like U2 popularised the wearing of sunglasses not just in the daytime, but in the evening too. Our eyes and eye makeup are hidden from the observer. This helps people maintain a level of distance and mystery. Sunglass lenses used to be just black but now come in different colors.

6. Hair Color

It was in the 1970s that people used to dye their hair with bright colors to rebel, such as with the punk rock movement we mentioned earlier. People used to be shocked to see such things. Nowadays, it’s nothing for elderly people to have blue-rinsed hair.

Although many people today experiment with different hair colors and dyes, there is still the chance to change your personal look. Going from blonde to brunette or redhead in an instant can certainly gain attention.

The value of changing one’s hair color lies in the fact that different colored clothes may now have to be worn. This can help with a major overhaul of one’s general appearance.

It’s amazing how a few subtle changes can transform a person’s look. With a little imagination, a totally new look can be gained. We may feel we’ve exhausted the current fashion ideas from our country, so why not try a Mexican blanket or wear a national dress?

A themed appearance, such as having the same material or color can be inspiring. Other themes could include dressing as Disney characters or wearing clothes that all begin with the same letter.

The mix and match approach can be an exciting option, even if we just wear different colored socks. Experimenting with glasses and hair color can also stir up creativity. With a new look will come new reactions and a new statement or identity. It would be foolish not to try!