7 Must-Have Features for a Mobile-Friendly Intranet Application

An intranet is a private network an organization uses to help its employees communicate securely, collaborate on projects, and store information. To improve conveniences, service providers developed apps that allow the staff to access company data even when not in the offices. These applications enhance communication by notifying employees of the organization’s latest updates.

They also improve productivity since the staff can access their digital workplace tools, project data, and respond to messages at the tap of the fingers. These are the must-have features for any mobile-friendly intranet application.

1. Ability to Upload Podcasts and Videos

The app needs to be modern and friendly. The way people are consuming information is rapidly changing. Research shows that a significant number of people listen to podcasts and individuals also spend tons of hours watching videos on mobile phones weekly. Due to this change, an intranet up must incorporate video and podcast uploads.

2. Easy Categories for Effortless Browsing

mobile intranet app should make it easy for employees to find the information they are looking for. The application must be effortless to navigate. It should be as easy as tapping and discovering what they need; otherwise, the staff may feel discouraged.

3. Easy Accessibility to Other Websites and Application

When people browse the internet, they are navigating between different platforms, websites, and apps. Therefore, your mobile-friendly app should make the work easy by allowing access to these areas from within the app. This will improve the user experience for the employees, encouraging them to look for information efficiently. Brands choose more mobile friendly design than responsive design for quicker access for the users.

When the app allows integration with other different systems, it enables the staff to access other important information. The staff can also do other simple tasks like booking leave. Integration should be either through customization options or connectors.

4. All Party’s Communication

An intranet app should not only be a place for information dumping without the employees incapable of creating workplace connections. Incorporating a way of staff voicing their opinions, thoughts, and ideas to the posts enhances the connection. The platform thus becomes a place where the staff chats and engages each other. You get to tailor the content to be more engaging from the feedback posted.

The application can have an employee directory that enables colleagues to view each other’s profiles, get contact information, and even look for experts. This, therefore, helps break barriers across the organization.

5. Auto-Suggest and Search Feature

The app needs to have the search functionality to make it easy for employees to look for data. The application can have the auto-suggest option that enables the search bar to sieve queries related to what one is looking for. This feature is helpful, especially when one forgets what they were looking for.

6. Automatic Updates on Company Newsfeed

The primary purpose of such an app is to enable the staff to get the latest organization updates. The application should have a live feed that automatically updated each time when employees post content.

7. Events Calendar

Most companies usually have events during the year. Such include webinars, conferences, celebrations, and training. Some employees in the past have missed such events due to a lack of information. A mobile-friendly intranet app should have a calendar with relevant data allowing the company staff to register and participate.

Any mobile intranet app should be easy to navigate, making it easy to access relevant information and enhancing employee productivity through its features.