Reasons for Featuring Red Corals in Your Jewelry Wardrobe

When it comes to red corals, there are many anecdotal legends and stories emerging from ancient folklores, citing its powers as a powerful protector. As an organic gemstone, corals are extracted from the depths of oceans, and red coral is most commonly found in the Mediterranean Sea.

Though red coral, Rakta Prabal, or Moonga jewelry has always been an enigma for the gem lovers, it has gained insurmountable popularity in the past few years. With leading designers and gemstone stores offering stunning red coral necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, there’s no shortage of these jewels to add to your collection.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here’s everything to know about this precious gemstone with the top reasons to invest in it.

It’s Rare and Beautiful

Unlike other gemstones, red corals are naturally created in the sea as clusters of sea creatures: coral polyps with limestone exoskeletons die and leave their hard skeletons behind. The branch-like structures are harvested to create coral gemstone and polished for jewelry purposes.

Due to reefs becoming an endangered marine species, red corals are no longer harvested in large quantities. They are rarer than before as most brands use existing gems in the market to create new jewelry designs. If you want to own pure and natural stone, you may have to pay a premium red coral price but the cost is worth the benefits of owning this stone.

It Has a Stunning Color and Luster

Red coral can be translucent to opaque in its color and appearance. While the stone is bit rough in its natural state, it can be polished to perfection before making jewelry. Varieties found in the Mediterranean Sea are distinctive due to their vibrant shades exhibiting bright ox-blood red to pink hues.

Once you invest in a precious Moonga gem, it will become your prized possession and something to flaunt amid your acquaintances. If you invest in top-grade stone, it comes without any blemishes, cracks, defects, or holes to mar their values. For a distinguishable jewelry collection, invest in deep red Sardinian coral variety that carries higher hardness than other types.

Suits Every Style and Occasion

Due to their deep red color and stunning aura, red corals are perfect for designer jewelry. You can buy cabochon-cut coral necklace or invest in a designer piece with carved corals. In every form, this gemstone will add more value and beauty to your jewelry collection.

You can match it with a cocktail dress for a formal dinner or carry a simple necklace with a cute coral pendant for casual outings. This versatile stone works perfectly for every occasion and suits various style options with élan.

Red Coral Is a Stone of Protection

Since ancient times, red coral has been touted as the powerful stone of protection. It can save you from the evils of the world. The protection abilities of this gemstone go beyond physical safety.

The stone also protects you spiritually from bad intentions, dark spirits, and negative vibes. Once you wear a red coral ring, it will keep gloom and adverse thoughts away.

Brings Success to the Leaders

Since red coral is associated with the planet Mars, it exuberates strength of character and personality. The wearer can benefit from these attributes to hone their leadership skills by wearing red coral rings or pendants.

Stores like GemPundit offer a vivid range of these jewels at the best prices for a discerning clientele. You can check their collection to find jewelry that reflects your inner passion to lead and flourish.

Hence, it is highly recommended for people in sports, defense, police, and professionals that demand extreme determination and stamina to lead from the front.

Red Coral Removes Obstacles

No matter how many obstacles block your path to success, red coral stone can ward them off with its strong energy. The stone enhances your confidence and removes all possible mental blockages, so you can excel in your work. It will encourage you to forge ahead with renewed courage and determination even when everything seems to be going downstream.

Since the stone comes from sea, it offers an extreme sense of calm to your distressed mind and helps you relax with a positive perspective.

The Gemstone Offers Many Health Benefits

Wearing red coral jewelry can make you feel beautiful and healthy. The gemstone has a rare ability to restore digestion and improve psychological health of the wearer. You can also buy a red coral ring for improving your focus and boosting immunity.

Some cultures also believe in its ability to heal blood pressure and heart-related issues. The gemstone can remove the maladies related to bone health and sterility. If you suffer from anxiety, wearing red corals can relieve your mind and strengthen your resolve.

If you feel that lethargy keeps you from concentrating on your goals or working toward them, you can wear red coral to get rid of procrastination. Wear a red coral bead necklace and you will feel yourself more motivated to finish every task with more enthusiasm. The stone enhance your ability to harness your pragmatic thinking to complete every task.

Improves the Relationships

While gifting precious red coral jewelry to your loved one can definitely bring more cordiality to your relationships, it’s much more than that. Red coral gemstone has an innate property to improve your relationships by moving them in the right direction.

With this gemstone, you can seal marital compatibility. Gift a red coral ring or bracelet to your spouse and ensure the longevity of your relationship. The stone adds new zest to your dwindling passion, adding a fresh spark to your marriage. In some cultures, it is also believed to save women from widowhood, which makes red coral jewelry perfect for gifting to a married woman.

With these benefits, it is needless to say that Moonga can make an excellent addition to your jewelry collection. However, be cautious when buying pure corals because the market is flooded with fake sellers offering sub-quality gemstones at steep prices.

Lay your trust in a reliable store that provides you with a free lab certificate for verifying the gem’s quality, origin, clarity, and color. Deck up your jewelry collection with this stone and be the style inspiration to many!