Feeling Fresh Tips

Sometimes feeling fresh refers to a physical feeling rather than a mental one. You might be feeling fresh when you just come out of the shower or when you wear clothes that just came out of the dryer, but how do we extend that feeling?

Either you will be taking some Ph balance pills to make sure that you will be feeling fresh for a long time, or you are just looking for some tips on how to keep that feeling all day long. Here are some of our tips that will help you feel fresh as a flower!

1. Don’t use sprays or feminine wipes

Sprays and feminine wipes keep moisture in the genital area, and that’s exactly something that you need to avoid if you want to be feeling fresh all day long!

Also, those products usually have a high concentration of perfume which only hides the foul odor behind a strong scent and does not make it go away. Moreover, the perfume can irritate your skin and cause yeast infections that are more difficult to cure.

Stay away from sprays or feminine wipes and choose to take a warm shower and clean your lady bits with unscented soaps rather than using those products.

2. Pay extra attention to your underwear

Nowadays, there are more and more underwear options that you can choose from, and the prices range from affordable to more expensive ones. Make sure to always select high-quality materials, like cotton or other natural fibers, rather than any synthetic ones. Your lady parts need to be able to breathe because otherwise, there will be a lot of moisture that increases the probability of getting a yeast infection.

There is also a type of seamless underwear if you’re one of the people who get skin rashes and irritations because of lace or seams. Choose a variety of lingerie that does not fit you tightly and allows your skin to breathe.

3. Don’t take vaginal douches

Experts and doctors sometimes recommend vaginal douches if your vagina’s self-cleaning mechanism seems to be overwhelmed by bacterial cultures, and that’s why some people might think that they are mandatory when it comes to hygiene.

The truth is that usually, your vagina’s self-cleaning mechanism is enough to have a healthy life, and, by having vaginal douches, you might interfere with the vagina’s ideal pH and the natural bacterial cultures that protect it. So don’t take vaginal douches unless your doctor advised you to do it; otherwise, you might risk causing yeast infections or urinary tract infections.

4. Tampons or pads?

Are periods giving you an intense headache? Although you might be feeling more comfortable wearing tampons when you are on your period, tampons have some major inconveniences when it comes to hygiene. If you are one of the persons that live a busy life and often forget to change the tampons, maybe you should consider using sanitary pads instead.

If left inside for more than 4 hours, tampons increase the risk of yeast infections and urinary tract infections. These days, many cotton pads ensure that you will not get a skin rash while wearing the pad. Make sure to have an extra pair of underwear in your bag, just in case!

5. Use unscented soaps

Doctors always recommend using warm water and unscented soap to clean our lady bits. Scented soaps can leave a trace of perfume behind that irritates the soft, sensitive skin of the vagina, increasing the number of bacteria around the vulva and genitalia, which makes us prone to getting a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection.

You should always avoid using scented soaps or other scented feminine hygiene products such as sprays or wipes. It is better only to wash that sensitive area with warm water than to use a soap that leaves traces of perfume, causes irritations and foul odors that can lead to yeast infections.

6. Have regular checkups

Sometimes, yeast infections and urinary tract infections do not show any kind of symptoms at first. Only after a month or two, they start showing symptoms like the foul, fish-like smell, discharges, irritation, or itches, but then you will need stronger medication to get rid of the infection. Make sure you have regular checkups with your doctor.

By running some blood tests and sample tests, your doctor will tell what kind of infection you have and what type of medication you will need to get better. Once you start taking your medicine, you will also start feeling fresh again.

Having all those tips in mind, we hope you will be able to enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest while feeling as fresh as a little flower that just bloomed! Don’t spend your precious time wondering „What if I smell bad?”. A certain amount of smell is normal, and everyone experiences it from time to time, so there’s nothing to be ashamed about!

It can either be from your diet, your underwear, the soap that you’ve been using, or tampons if it goes over a certain level. If neither of those fits your case, then you should probably see a doctor just to make sure you’re healthy.

Even then, it is highly unlikely that people around you will notice it. However, if you notice an unusual odor, you should see a doctor just to make sure that you are healthy. Don’t choose sprays or feminine wipes to cover up the smell, as they can cause a yeast infection or a UTI.

Your vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism that flushes out bacteria, so there isn’t a need to have vaginal douches either! Douches can irritate the internal vaginal walls, causing scratches that could lead to an allergic reaction. Douches should only be taken if your doctor prescribed them to you.

If you follow the tips we just gave you, you should be feeling brand new!