5 Usages Of Financial Travel Apps

Everything most important for travel (except a passport) is placed on a smartphone: payment cards, routes, hotel reservations and even airline tickets. If there is room for several applications in the phone’s memory, they will help you solve financial issues faster on vacation. We have selected useful mobile travel apps that have a free version. And for an additional fee in some of them, you can get more options or, for example, a version without ads.

In today’s high-tech and developing world, there is hardly a problem that cannot be solved with a smartphone. A variety of applications created by fintech software development companies to make our life easier and more convenient help us in this.

So what can you do with the help of financial assistants on a smartphone?

• Account for expenses

Expensify (iOS, Android) helps to collect all the information about the expenses on the trip. You just need to scan the receipts or enter the purchase amounts manually. You can attach a bank card to the application, and then the expenses will be calculated automatically. Expensify is suitable not only for recreation, but also for convenient collection of information for a business trip report.

In the Trail Wallet (iOS) you can specify the limit that you would like to spend per day. Of the disadvantages — all expenses must be driven in manually. But the application can be used without an Internet connection. When the link appears, it will automatically update the amounts based on the exchange rate of the currency you have selected.

• Convert Currencies

XE Currency is a convenient currency converter. You can set up a list of 10 currencies and adjust how often the exchange rate will be updated. It is not necessary to connect the Internet all the time: data can be downloaded once and then used offline.

But it’s better to periodically update the rates. xCurrency is a similar application with a more concise design. Its advantage is that it can determine by your location which currency to convert to. Both are available on iOS and Android.

• Get bonuses

Stocard allows you to use discount cards without taking them with you on a trip. You can upload any discount card to the app by scanning it using your smartphone camera. Award Wallet also helps to collect bonus cards in one interface. With this application, you will always have access to all your loyalty programs from airlines and hotels to bonus programs of cafes, shops and gas stations.

• Divide the budget

Traveling with friends? With the Budgy app, you won’t have to argue about money anymore. It is only necessary to record all the expenses in the application, who paid for them and choose the currency of payments. All expenses can be given names, for example, “lunch at the tavern” or “horseback riding”.In the application, you need to record all the participants of the trip, and as a result, it will calculate who owes whom and how much.

• Find ATM

Maps.me will help you quickly find ATMs or any other destinations in the city and at the same time save Internet traffic: Maps.me works in offline mode. All you need to do is download a map of the country or city where you are going in advance. The application paves the shortest way to the desired point and helps to find cafes, shops, banks, public transport routes.

We hope our tips will help you to have a perfect journey, not overshadowed by financial issues! Have a nice trip!