How To Find A One Hitter That Suits Your Needs

A one hitter is a smoking device that has refined the process of smoking marijuana. It is a portable device that is discrete and efficient. It only takes a single inhaled to enjoy the hit that comes with smoking. The single inhale and exhale process means you don’t have to set time aside to smoke and eventually experience your hit.

Using a one-hitter also means that you get to smoke by yourself, and can control the amount of marijuana that you smoke in a single session. You also get to enjoy how a one hitter is resourceful because none of the marijuana is wasted by having to put out a flame as is when smoking a blunt.

Finding a one hitter to experience all the benefits requires some time and dedication. You wouldn’t want to rush to purchase a one hitter only to become disappointed. Here are ways that you can find a one hitter that suits your needs.

1. Research

There are different types of one hitters as they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. The best one hitter is one that has the least risk of tar and resin as this may be hazardous to your health. The cleaner the pipe, the more hygienic and health-friendly the smoking process.

As you research, you will come across ones that leave much residue. You may want to stay clear of those which is why you need to analyse the products carefully.

You should also do an online review about the brand that is selling the one hitters. A brand will give you insight into the quality of products based on the information that they provide. Online reviews can also indicate the experiences that consumers have had with products by the brand.

Keep in mind, however, to use your discretion when you analyze online reviews as not all are authentic.

2. Target Sales

Targeting sales means you get to purchase one hitters and save money. Saving money is always a welcomed outcome when purchasing any products because it means you can divert funds to other priorities. You can find discounts by searching on a brand’s website, contacting staff members and inquiring, or engaging various blogs that review products such as one-hitters.

Once you know about the various opportunities to save money, you can begin to research the various products that will be on discount and pick the ones that will suit you best.

3. Try Your Options

Another way of finding the one hitter that suits your needs is to try different ones out. As you experience the different one-hitters, you will get to know the one that suits you best. To avoid spending large sums of money trying out various one hitters, you can purchase 2 to 3 from a recommended brand and ascertain whether the quality is standard.


To find a one hitter that suits your needs, you should take time to research various ones online. You should also target sales so that you can save money and you may need to try different types out before you settle on the one that works best for you. Keep in mind to be mindful about your health as you enjoy your one hitter.