How To Find Your Interior Design Style

Have you been struggling to find a design style that truly fits your interests and personality? While it can be a lengthy process to find what best suits your needs, we’re here to help define some of the most popular design styles to better assist you in determining the best match to incorporate into your home.


Heading to become one of the most popular design choices is boho or bohemian. Focusing on natural and organic elements, boho layers these pieces to form a well put together look. You can see mixtures of bright and neutral colors with materials such as bamboo and rattan included.


A comforting and rustic design style can be seen in farmhouse-inspired homes. To achieve this look, designers utilize neutral colors with additional touches of plaids and cooling hues of blues and greens. Chippy paint and antique inspired pieces are also used in farmhouse settings.


One of the oldest, yet commonly popular design styles is traditional. This style is commonly used for good reason as it is truly timeless. Structure and symmetry are key elements used while focusing on heritage and pieces created many years ago.


Commonly seen in, this design style uses iconic pieces from almost every style. When done correctly with aesthetically pleasing color schemes and less organic pieces a more refined look than the previously mentioned boho style is achieved.


If high-end materials such as velvet, leather, and suede appease your palate, then a glam design will most likely suit your needs. A polished and elevated look is achieved with glamorous pieces such as jewels and luxe textiles. Incorporated large pieces like giant mirrors and tall centerpieces are commonly seen in glam-styled homes.


A factory-inspired style that utilizes textures such as wood elements, metals, and leathers. This style is softened up with the use of neutral color palettes. Items such as rustic hardware, worn wood, and old machinery pieces are intertwined with furniture and decor.


For those in a beach setting or are interested in bring beachy vibes to your home atmosphere, this style can easily accomplish that. With a color palette including blue tones, lots of white, and natural or white washed-woods helps bring sunshine and brightness into your space. Added beach inspired pieces such as seashells, fishing related equipment, or surf boards are also nice touches.

If you still can’t choose which style fits you best out of this list, there are many more design styles available. You can also mix and match design styles, truly whatever will bring a sense of comfort and joy into your home. Create a space that you find meaning in and don’t limit yourself to one specific theme.