How To Find NFT Projects Early?

It only makes sense to invest some time in studying anything you plan to invest money in. Finding a reliable NFT project in the NFT field takes some time, but if you’re willing to put in a little extra work, your chances of success rise significantly.

The expansion of the NFT sector has made it possible for many projects to be realized. According to Business Wire, the global non-fungible token market is anticipated to reach $211.72 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.9% from 2022 to 2030. You must first determine where to seek NFTs and whether it is a suitable investment if you want to locate good NFT projects early. You must conduct in-depth research and analysis for this.

If, for example, you are from the world of gaming, you can try a gamestop nft marketplace as a good source of immense value. This platform allows users to buy, sell, mint, and trade NFTs, digital collectibles, web3 games, and more. It is a self-custodial marketplace, which means you truly own any digital asset purchased on the platform.

The price of cryptocurrencies has fallen recently. As a result, when investing in NFTs, the risk may be impossible to avoid completely. However, it might assist you in getting a better understanding of market trends and potential for profitable ventures.

Remain Informed – Connect to Third-Party Websites

A website run by a third party, such as CoinMarketCap, provides sufficient coverage of upcoming NFT projects. This website covers Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Cardano. You will also have access to the websites, Twitter accounts, and Discord channels associated with the projects so that you can conduct research.

Rarity Sniper covers non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in most blockchains, including Avalanche and BSC, much like CoinMarketCap. Rarity Sniper was first intended to be a site for checking rarity in Discord; however, you may also use this website to check the rarity of your NFTs.

Frequently Visit NFT Marketplaces 

These days, NFT Marketplace also features a part that allows visitors to investigate forthcoming or recently released NFT collections. The user’s experience with the new collection improved greatly regarding its accessibility.

Binance NFT

Because there is no gas price for transactions, Binance is an excellent site for people just starting with NFT. It is one of the NFT marketplaces specializing in gaming NFTs, and the NFT drop event known as IGO (Initial Gaming Offering) takes place every week.

Magic Eden

Due to the low cost of gas, Magic Eden Solana NFT is suitable for starting players. Magic Eden also happens to be one of the major Solana NFT marketplaces. Additionally, it comes equipped with an NFT launchpad, allowing users to mint new tokens directly on the website.


You will not find any section in Opensea dedicated to the impending launch of NFT, but a tab labeled “Explore” will take you to the “New” launch of NFT.

Exploit online Tools

Several online tools, some of which use the power of Artificial Intelligence, are available to track down upcoming NFT projects early. These tools include:

Check out the Latest NFT Tools 


It is a blockchain analytics application driven by AI and built on Ethereum. To on-chain measurements, it adds wallet labels with memorable information. Customers can help Nansen find fresh investment prospects, do their due research, and create personalized alerts to safeguard their portfolio positions.

The behavior, activity, and transactions of well-known wallets on the blockchain are also covered in great depth by Nansen. You can identify promising NFT ventures early on by tracking the movements of whale wallets.

Rarity Tools

Rarity Tools is a great resource for discovering new NFT projects because of its easy-to-use interface and clear content. It displays some of the most important details about the NFT project, such as the mint price, the date and time, and the number of tokens. Rarity Tools is excellent for locating projects that are about to debut while being pretty basic. 


A Google Chrome addon called RyzenNFT offers special features for finding upcoming Ethereum and Solana-based applications early on. It provides direct connections to timer-equipped drop detector websites. Additionally, RyzenNFT’s preset and gas fee prediction functions help establish a gas ceiling price and pinpoint amazing NFT projects.

Typically, gas battles will be more intense the larger the NFT decline. During live minting, the contract sniper functionality lets you quickly spot inexpensive NFTs and purchase them. At the same time, the built-in rarity sniffer allows you to determine NFT rarities and rankings directly on OpenSea. 


With the aid of the NFT tracking and analytics application Icy.Tools, you may identify promising NFT initiatives early on. It displays market trends, the most popular collections, real-time mints, and NFT indicators, including floor prices, trade volumes, and transaction history.

Additionally, examining whale wallet activity, sales trends, price charts, token rarity, on-chain data, curated feeds, and configurable notifications, helps users time their entries and exits. 

Top Strategy – Do Your Own Research

We must be careful when buying NFT because anyone can develop their NFT projects. The project might be abandoned by NFT developers who don’t care about its long-term growth to make quick money. Although the quantity of Twitter followers or Discord users doesn’t indicate the quality of the NFT project, it does show how much time and effort the team is ready to devote to marketing and maintaining the Discord community.

Do your own research using the following means: 


Discord is a great place to start when looking for NFT projects, but it isn’t always the easiest to utilize. Each NFT project, organization, or influencer will have a separate Discord server.

Discord is a text, voice, and video chat app designed for groups with mostly exclusive, invite-only servers. They distinguish themselves from other platforms by concentrating on groups with similar interests. A small yet close-knit group exists on Discord. Thanks to this platform, you may contact other server users and dive deeper into projects.


Twitter is one of the best platforms for spotting promising NFTs in their early stages. The NFT community is active on Twitter, with many well-known influencers and buyers debating numerous projects.

Following certain accounts, like @bobbyquinn, can offer a lot of analytical data about specific NFT projects and their effectiveness. Additionally, Twitter Spaces lets you view current trends and stay up to date on new releases from verified producers.


YouTube just announced that it would be moving into NFTs to enable users to “own” videos creators generated on the platform. You may always have your finger on the pulse by using the numerous channels available on YouTube. To be more specific, you should consider subscribing to channels like NFT Zerk, Ryan D Crypto, Kosher Plug, Bento Boi, and Champ Crypto.

Look at the Project’s Roadmap

One of the best methods to determine whether an NFT collection is good is to look at its roadmap. This is a crucial component of any new NFT project that launches because it shows all important dates, including airdrops, brand-new occasions, and the creator’s collection strategies. The BAYC roadmap, for instance, listed important milestones and dates for events like their Annual ApeFest, the release of a new game, and the introduction of new models. 

Find an NFT Calendar Website

The best website for finding exciting NFT projects early on is called NFT Calendar. It is a pioneer in publishing market-based drop calendars, including the most recent, previous, continuing, and upcoming NFT releases.

It encourages the use of NFTs supported by several blockchains, including WAX, Solana, Ethereum, and others. Generally speaking, NFT drops with a certified badge are more trustworthy than unverified drops because branded artists produce them. Become a subscriber to the NFT Calendar email newsletter to get first access to profitable NFT collections.

Without an NFT calendar, it isn’t easy to find forthcoming popular NFT projects. The business is booming, and everyone is looking for the greatest new projects. One of the first was the Crypto Punk initiative, and offers for these works of art had reached 9 million dollars in ETH. The market will continue to expand and soar in popularity as long as we witness a ferocious demand for these kinds of artwork.