How to Instantly Find the Right Terms

Everyone wishes to communicate well, both verbally and in written form. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as some people instantly forget some words in the context and end up using the wrong words.

This communication issue is common to both children and adults, although it might persist with age. The people who have suffered a stroke or other stressing illnesses in the future will also deal with this issue. 

When you continuously miss the right words to say, you might end up being misunderstood many times. You might also lose your employment, or even other vital deals. For this reason, you should work on your vocabulary to perfect your communication skills and to instantly find the right terms. Here are effective ways of doing so.

Slow down

The initial step is to slow down, or to pause whatever you were saying or writing. Maybe you lacked the correct word simply because you were anxious or were in a hurry. When you slow down, you will give your mind enough time to relax, and possibly, to remember the right words that you should use. Immediate continuation of the speech might affect your speech or your conversation even more.

Rehearse well

Learn to rehearse beforehand. Rehearsing is an excellent option for instantly finding the right words. You should be louder when rehearsing, and that is why you should gather a crowd. If you intend to speak in front of many people, call your relatives and closest friends, and make them to your audience.

Write down your speech or the content that you will be communicating during the main event. Rehearse before them, and try to see how fluent you will be. When you rehearse well, you will know how to find the right terms to use during the official event.


Distractions can make you forget essential words. They can even make you forget an entire paragraph. For this reason, you should try to be focused and ignore the unnecessary sounds. Do not take the less urgent calls, and do not talk to people who can make you lose your concentration.

Also, avoid getting anxious and do not concentrate too much on what might happen. Just focus on what you intended to do.

Advance your vocabulary

Your vocabulary matters, mainly if you occasionally hesitate to look for the right word in a context. If you forget quickly, solve the problem slowly by advancing your reading, writing, and learning skills. To develop your skills, you will probably need to read more books, magazines, and other written materials.

It would also be helpful to play puzzle games that involve numbers. Some games, for instance, need the player to change letters to words. Most of these games are easy, and they have an unscramble tool that provides handy suggestions. The repetitive playing of these games can significantly advance your vocabulary and increase your chances of finding the right terms instantly.

Start anywhere

It is not a must to start from the introduction, mainly if you are writing an article. If you can’t figure out the right introductory words to use, start at the middle, or the conclusion part. As you write the body of your content, your mind will open up, and you will find the right words to use in your work.

The same case applies to when doing an exam. You can start on any part which seems easier to you. You should, however, be very keen to avoid messing up with the entire work; mainly if you have never tried this trick.

Take a break

Maybe you are tired, and that’s why you can’t remember the right words to use. A tired mind cannot think well, and so, you don’t have to hurt yourself anymore trying to find it. It would help if you had a break. Take a cup of coffee, participate in a walk, or talk to your friend. When you get back, you will have relaxed, and you will probably find the specific terms you needed.     

Dump it

Dumping is the final effective solution if you have tried everything, and the word still fails to cross your mind. Every word has different synonyms, which means that you don’t always have to use the same words. Find a closely related term, and replace it in your context. 

Everyone forgets when speaking or writing. You might not entirely control yourself from forgetting, but the good thing is that you can find immediate solutions. Advance your communication skills, be confident, and try the most applicable tip for you from the above guide.