First Date Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Your choice of activity on your first date should fulfil a number of criteria. But really, the most important is that it should give you the opportunity to assess whether you enjoy the company of the person you’re dating. This will give you a basis to work out whether there should be a second date.

Something straightforward, like a sit-down meal, or a drink at the pub, might not provide quite the right inspiration. Sitting in silence in a darkened cinema is similarly inadvisable.

Let’s run through a few of the activities that you might consider when you’re dating.

Have a picnic

If you’d like to demonstrate your amazing cookery skills, then a picnic might be just the way to do it. It’s got all of the casual charm of home cooking, except you don’t have to actually take the step of inviting anyone into your home. Prepare a variety of treats; that way, you’ll have a better chance of findings something that they like.

Look at the stars at a planetarium

A planetarium will provide plenty of darkness, but you’ll still be able to hold up a conversation. If you’re fascinated by the cosmos, and the infinite splendour of the universe, then you’ll be able to discuss it at length. If the other person isn’t into it, then it might be a sign that you’re on the wrong track.

Go on a Hike

If you’d rather keep things active, then a short hike over a suitably scenic stretch of countryside might do the trick. It’s low-intensity enough that you won’t be reduced to a sweating mess by the end of the encounter.

Visit London

If you’re based near the capital, then you might consider taking a trip around some of the popular tourist attractions. Or, if you’ve already been there and done it, you might look at some of the hidden gems. You can get a train to London Bridge, and take it from there.

Go to a bowling alley

Bowling is something that’s almost guaranteed to provide fun, and a point of conversation. If you’re on top of your game, then you might impress your date; if you’re not, then you can demonstrate that you’re comfortable trying new things!

Play a round of mini golf

Mini golf fulfils a similar set of criteria to bowling. This time, however, you’ll be out in the sunshine. Do your research and find a suitable site ahead of time – since not all mini-golf courses are built quite alike.

Try Luck in an Escape Room

This one’s a little bit more high-risk, for several reasons. Firstly, you’ll be locked in a room with a stranger, with whom you might not immediately connect. Secondly, there’s a chance that one of you will be a lot better at logic and puzzles than the other, which might create a sense of embarrassment. Still, if you find the right date, this is a great way to kick-start things.

A first date can be a painful thing, but it can also be exciting. Whatever activity you choose, don’t forget to have fun. And make sure that you’re on top of your oral hygiene before you step out of the door.