7 Must-Have Fitness Equipment Needed For Workout At Home

Home Gym is always a great idea to work out at home. Over the past few years, many people have started adopting the trend of a home gym. Setting up the home gym might seem an easy process but it requires a lot of effort and research. A few of the essentials that you would need to look for before setting up the home gym are the space and the right set of equipment.

Once you decide on the space here comes the most important part which is getting the quality gym equipment. You might have been thinking about executing this idea but were always confused about which things to choose to start your workout routine. Here is the detailed guide for which equipment you should choose to set up your home gym and get the gym equipment online.

1. Jump Rope

Jumping rope is one of the best things to start your cardiovascular workout routine. It helps to increase the heart rate and work on your core, arms, shoulders, and legs. Storage of Jump rope is also easy; it does not take much space. You can even carry it along wherever you travel. Choosing the space for Jumping rope activity could be a bit tricky if you have a low-level ceiling.

In this case, the indoor Jumping rope could be difficult. You can buy this jump rope through any of the online shopping websites or you can even visit the offline store that provides gym or sports equipment.

2. Mini Looped Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands have become an essential part of most of our workout routines. This is known as one of the most versatile fitness equipment that you can ever get.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to work out on machines then you can choose these resistance bands. These resistance bands would help to give you the entire body workout with a similar result as the machines. These bands are available as per different strength levels ranging from light to heavy. You can choose the bands of light or medium-level strength for your arms and the heavy strength bands for lower body exercises. Mini Looped Resistance Bands are known to be the perfect fit for hip and butt exercises.

3. Heavy Kettlebell

A Heavy Kettlebell is considered an ideal pick for overhead press, squats and deadlifts. It is also known to be a great choice if you need a significantly heavier weight for the workout options such as thrusters and swings. You can design your full-body workout of 20 minutes with this heavy kettlebell. If you are not sure about how to use the kettlebell then you can also get a lot of sources on the internet that would guide you.

4. Mini foam Roller

A mini foam roller is used to create the perfect balance during a workout. You can use it to keep your hands on it while doing pushups. You can also use it during the specific workouts where you feel difficulty maintaining balance. You can use two of these from any of the online fitness equipment websites easily.

5. Yoga mat

Here comes the most important essential for your home gym. If you have hard floors then you can get the yoga mats for your home exercise. It is also considered the best pick if you tend to sweat a lot during a workout on the plush surface and lying down.

Storing the yoga mat is easy as you would simply need to roll the mat once you are done with the workout. You can use it for your floor exercises, yoga sessions and even meditation sessions. You can choose the design and the colour of the yoga mat as per the colour combination of your room. Check cork yoga mat pros and cons for more information.

6. Heavy Dumbbells

Heavy Dumbbells are known as one of the absolute essentials if you are focusing on muscle strengthening exercise. Most people use it for lower body workouts than the upper one. These heavy dumbbells are adjustable and hence you can easily store them at your place.

7. Light Dumbbells

If you do not wish to stress your body with heavyweight on any day then you can certainly go with the light dumbbells. If you are focusing on building muscular endurance with lifting then light dumbbells would be the best pick for you.