Effective Fitness Tips To Increase Your Overall Wellness This Quarantine

Right now if you are stuck in your house and have been told to quarantine, that means no gym, no running in the local park, and no bicycle rides. It may seem like staying fit during quarantine is impossible, but some great home workouts can help you maintain your strength and overall fitness. 

Whether you are a professional bodybuilder or a fitness newbie, this article is a guide to increase your overall wellness this quarantine.

Hit the Exercise Bike

Cardio is a hugely important part of fitness and can be the most difficult type of exercise to do during quarantine unless you are lucky enough to have a big garden. Exercise bikes are the most useful piece of home workout equipment for cardio because they don’t take up too much space and can be used in any room of the house.

There are a huge number of different models of exercise bikes available and if you are considering getting one, it may be beneficial to check out this fitness resource for in-depth reviews and comparisons of different exercise bikes and other workout equipment.

Exercise bikes have settings to simulate different road conditions like mountain paths and downward slopes and have sensors that can measure your distance, heart rate, calories burnt, and other important data. The price of exercise bikes ranges widely, so it is worth doing as much homework as possible.

Start Planking

One exercise that absolutely everyone can do and that requires no equipment at all is planking and you can even do it while watching TV. Planking strengthens the core of your body, and if you are into fitness you’ll hear people talking about the core all the time.

Planking will also strengthen your arms, legs, shoulders, and back. Planking is a great exercise for fitness beginners and if you just plank for a few seconds each day, before you know it, you’ll be more capable of doing things like pushups. Try to hold your plank for a little longer each time and you can see serious strength games. After a few weeks of planking, you may even start to see a six-pack starting to show.

Squats and Lunges for Legs

Another great home workout exercise is the squat. Squatting strengthens your legs and glutes and also makes your joints stronger. Go down slowly, keep a straight back, your knees staying behind your toes, and push off your heels. Repeat until you are tired.

For those of you thinking that is just too easy, try a pistol squat, which means going down on just one leg with the other leg pointing forward. You have to maintain your balance, and as many of you will find out, this isn’t an easy exercise.

If for some of you strong guys, if that’s still too easy, do it with a weight in your hands. If you don’t have any weights or other equipment in your house and want to get stronger, you can just use household items. Try using bags of rice, plastic bottles of water, or heavy books.

Another great exercise for your leg is lunges which strengthen and tone all the muscles in your legs as well as your core. Keep your chest up and your back straight and look straight forward. You can try first with your left foot forward and then do it with your right foot forward.

If you are at an advanced level of fitness, then jump from lunge to lunge. Try and do continuous lunges for one minute with thirty seconds rest in between sets. Each week of lockdown, add an extra set to your daily lunge routine. 

Burpees for All-Round Fitness

One of the best all-round exercises you can do is burpee or squat thrust. Burpees strengthen multiple muscles at once and make you super fit. Burpees are not the easiest exercise so if you are a beginner, you may want to work your way up to burpees with lots of cycling, planks, and squats. First, try doing ten burpees in a row and if that is no trouble, try doing twenty.

Getting fit is all about pushing it to the limit, but if burpees are hard for you, do them slowly and don’t jump at the end. Burpees are great as an exercise on their own, and as a full-body warm-up before lifting weights in your home gym.

Even though you can’t get to the gym during quarantine or cycle your favorite route, these strange times can be used as a great opportunity to get fit. Alongside the home workout exercises laid out in this article, take this time to learn how to cook some healthy recipes that will boost your fitness results. Keep yourself active and push yourself and when this is all over, you will look and feel great!