How To Fix A Malfunctioning MRI

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine helps medical professionals to diagnose ailments and monitor the response of patients to the treatments for these ailments. MRI scanners leverage on magnetic fields and radio waves to capture images of the organs and physiological processes of the human body.

In case you experience certain issues with your MRI scanner, check first whether you would be able to address them with the simple fixes below before you call an expert technician.

Image Artifact Problems

MRI scanners are also prone to wear and tear as your machine ages. One of the most common problems that you may encounter in line with this is low-quality images that are grainy or include the presence of several lines. This can be because of damages to the coils of your scanner or the component of the machine that generates the pictures.

MRI coils are designed for each body part, with some acting like a frame that perfectly fits the body part being scanned. In case you are frequently generating low-quality images, the experts who specialize in MRI coil repairs will suggest that you have your MRI coils shipped out for off-site repairs.

Some of the best repair service providers will lend you a replacement coil for your machine for you to have something to use and keep scanning while they repair your coil. To prevent this kind of problem that is related to the coils of your MRI, inspect your coils periodically.

Low Helium Level

Another common problem that you may encounter with your MRI machine is a low helium level that can indicate a serious failure in the cooling system of your scanner. This means that the helium used by the machine is burning at an extremely rapid speed to keep up with the needs of the machine’s magnet. In this case, you need to refill your machine’s helium immediately, particularly if it is already below a 40% level.

To mitigate this issue, make sure to employ proper monitoring by installing a remote diagnostic unit that can notify you when the helium level of your machine is dropping.

Heat Exchanger Temperature Error

There are instances wherein your MRI scanner may lock up, disabling you to perform any scanning activity. It is most likely that this is because the water pumping into your machine is not cool enough, and as a result, your system reaches a high temperature that warrants for a lock-up.

In this case, if the LCD of the heat exchanger is not lit, then get in touch with your MRI’s service repair group for them to check and assess the component that is likely causing the problem.

To wrap things up, the MRI machine problems stated above, along with their fixes, are only some of the things that you will commonly experience with your scanner. In case you deem that the problem is far greater than what you can address, then it is time for you to call in the experts to resolve the issues with your MRI scanner.

Nevertheless, to ensure that these problems are mitigated, schedule preventive maintenance for your scanner and adhere to this schedule to keep your machine in its top condition.