Everything You Need To Know About The Fleck 6700 Water Softener

Hard water can be a nuisance for homeowners, causing limescale buildup on fixtures and appliances and decreasing the effectiveness of soaps and detergents. To combat this issue, many turn to water softeners, such as the Fleck 6700. The Fleck 6700 is a popular choice among homeowners due to its efficiency and reliability in removing hardness minerals from water.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the key features and benefits of the Fleck 6700 water softener, as well as discuss the installation process, maintenance requirements, and whether it is the right choice for your home.

One example of how hard water can affect a household is through plumbing issues caused by limescale build-up. For instance, if you live in an area with hard water that has high concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions, these minerals can accumulate inside pipes over time. This can lead to reduced water flow or even blockages that require costly repairs.

Additionally, hard water often leaves stains on shower doors or tubs that are difficult to remove with regular cleaning products. By investing in a reliable water softener like the Fleck 6700, these problems can be avoided altogether.

Key Features and Benefits of the Fleck 6700 Water Softener

The section focuses on highlighting the salient features and advantages of the Fleck 6700, which can significantly improve the quality of tap water by removing hard minerals and enhancing its taste. The Fleck 6700 is a high-capacity water softener that comes with an advanced control head, which enables it to monitor and adjust its operations automatically. This feature ensures that the system works efficiently while providing optimal results, which translates to better water quality improvement.

One significant advantage of the Fleck 6700 is its cost effectiveness. Its large capacity resin tank makes it ideal for use in homes with a high demand for soft water. Additionally, the unit’s digital control head allows users to customize settings according to their preferences. This customization capability saves money in terms of salt usage since users can optimize salt consumption based on their specific needs.

Overall, the Fleck 6700 offers a reliable solution for households looking to enhance their tap water’s quality at an affordable price point.

Understanding the Installation Process

Learning the necessary steps to properly install a water softener is crucial in ensuring efficient and effective operation of the system, which ultimately leads to improved quality of water for household use.

The installation process for Fleck 6700 Water Softener involves several steps that must be followed carefully to prevent costly mistakes. One common mistake often made during installation is improper positioning of the unit, leading to limited access and potential damage.

Before beginning the installation process, it is important to compare costs and choose an appropriate location where the softener will be installed. Typically, this would include selecting a spot near a main water source with enough space for proper drainage and easy access for maintenance purposes.

Following this, one must shut off the main water supply before installing bypass valves that allow water flow control during maintenance or repairs. Afterward, connect relevant pipes using adhesive or compression fittings before finally installing the drain line into a suitable waste pipe or floor drain. It is equally important to ensure that all connections are securely tightened while still allowing room for future adjustments if necessary.

By following these guidelines closely when installing your Fleck 6700 Water Softener, you can guarantee long-term effectiveness and efficiency in treating hard water problems at home or workplace.

Maintenance Requirements and Tips

Maintenance of a water softener system is essential for ensuring the prolonged effectiveness and efficiency of the product. The Fleck 6700 water softener requires regular maintenance to function optimally and provide softened water consistently.

One of the critical maintenance requirements for this system is cleaning it regularly. Cleaning techniques include backwashing, which involves reversing the flow of water through the resin bed to eliminate accumulated debris and contaminants, as well as sanitizing with a special cleaner that eliminates bacteria build-up in the tank.

The frequency of maintenance depends on various factors such as water hardness levels, household usage, and environmental factors like iron content or sedimentation. Generally, it is recommended to clean or sanitize your Fleck 6700 Water Softener every three months or when you notice a drop in its performance level.

To ensure optimal performance, other tips include keeping an eye on salt levels for brine tanks, checking control settings periodically to make sure they are set correctly, and replacing resin beds or filters when necessary. Proper maintenance will extend your system’s life span while guaranteeing consistent delivery of high-quality softened water throughout your home.

Is the Fleck 6700 the Right Choice for You?

An informed decision about the suitability of the Fleck 6700 water softener can be made based on an evaluation of its features and capabilities in relation to one’s specific household needs and preferences. One factor to consider is cost comparison with alternative options.

The Fleck 6700 may have a higher upfront cost than some other models, but it offers superior performance and durability over time. Its advanced programming and automation capabilities also make it a convenient choice for those who want to customize their water treatment process.

Another aspect to evaluate when considering the Fleck 6700 is whether it meets your unique requirements for water softening. For example, if you have a large household or high levels of hardness in your water supply, this model may be a good fit due to its high capacity resin tank and efficient regeneration cycles.

On the other hand, if you have limited space available or prefer a more compact design, there may be smaller options that better suit your needs. Ultimately, by carefully weighing factors such as cost, capacity, efficiency, and customization options against your own household requirements, you can determine whether the Fleck 6700 is the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of the Fleck 6700 Water Softener?

As a vital component of household water treatment systems, the lifespan of Fleck 6700 Water Softener is an essential consideration. In assessing this aspect, it’s crucial to consider various discussion ideas such as proper maintenance tips and common issues. With regular maintenance, the Fleck 6700 Water Softener can last up to 20 years or more, depending on usage patterns and water quality.

However, failing to perform routine cleaning and inspection can lead to common issues like salt bridging or resin fouling that could reduce its lifespan significantly. Therefore, homeowners must adhere to manufacturer-recommended maintenance practices for optimal functionality and longevity of their Fleck 6700 Water Softener.

Can the Fleck 6700 Water Softener remove iron from my water?

The Fleck 6700 water softener is a highly efficient device that can remove iron from the water supply. With its advanced technology, it can effectively eliminate up to 8 parts per million of ferrous and ferric iron compounds. Its iron removal capabilities are on par with other high-end water softeners in the market today. However, it is important to note that the efficiency of this device may vary depending on the severity of the iron content in your water supply.

In comparison with other models, the Fleck 6700 uses a unique resin bed technology that provides better control over ion exchange during regeneration cycles, resulting in improved long-term performance and durability. Overall, if you are looking for an effective solution to remove iron from your water supply, then the Fleck 6700 is definitely worth considering due to its advanced features and reliable performance.

Is it possible to install the Fleck 6700 Water Softener outdoors?

The Fleck 6700 water softener can be installed outdoors, but it requires careful consideration of the maintenance requirements. Outdoor installation exposes the unit to harsh environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations and precipitation, which may affect its performance over time. Therefore, it is recommended that homeowners invest in a protective cover or enclosure to shield the unit from these elements.

Additionally, regular maintenance checks should be conducted to ensure that the system operates efficiently despite exposure to outdoor conditions. This includes inspecting components such as valves and filters for wear and tear and cleaning out debris that may have accumulated over time.

Overall, while installing the Fleck 6700 water softener outdoors is possible, homeowners must take extra precautions to protect their investment and ensure optimal performance through routine maintenance checks.

What is the cost of replacing the resin in the Fleck 6700 Water Softener?

Resin replacement cost is an essential aspect of maintenance for the Fleck 6700 water softener. The process involves removing and replacing the resin beads that are responsible for removing hard minerals from water during the softening process. Although it might seem like a simple task, resin replacement can be quite costly, ranging from $300 to $600, depending on the size of the unit and whether or not professional services are required.

To keep costs low, regular maintenance tips include inspecting the system regularly, checking water quality levels and hardness, and cleaning out any debris or buildup in the tank. By adhering to these practices, users can ensure their Fleck 6700 remains in good working condition and avoid expensive repairs or replacements in the future.

Does the Fleck 6700 Water Softener require electricity to operate?

The Fleck 6700 water softener is an electronically controlled system that requires electricity to operate. This means that it will contribute to the operating cost of a household, as there will be an increase in the monthly electricity bill. However, the environmental impact of using this system is generally low, as it does not require any chemicals or excessive amounts of water to function.

Additionally, some models may come equipped with energy-saving features such as power regeneration cycles and programmable timers, which can help reduce overall energy consumption and costs. Overall, while the Fleck 6700 water softener may add to household operating costs through its use of electricity, its environmental impact is generally minimal.


In conclusion, the Fleck 6700 Water Softener is a reliable and efficient solution for hard water problems. Its key features such as its digital control system and high capacity resin tank provide numerous benefits to homeowners looking for a sustainable water softening solution.

The installation process may require some technical knowledge, but with proper guidance and tools, it can be a straightforward task. Maintenance requirements are minimal, making it an ideal choice for those who want low maintenance systems.

According to a study conducted by the Water Quality Association (WQA), hard water can cause up to 29% higher energy bills due to mineral buildup in heating appliances. This statistic highlights the importance of investing in a water softener system like Fleck 6700 to reduce energy expenses and improve appliance longevity.

Overall, if you’re looking for an effective solution that provides long-lasting benefits while being eco-friendly and budget-friendly, then the Fleck 6700 Water Softener is definitely worth considering.