Follow My Diet With A Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon procedure is one of the most effective and efficient methods of losing weight. This procedure involves placing a silicone balloon containing dye and sterile water in the stomach. The procedure aims to occupy a large portion of the stomach to reduce the quantity of food a person consumes. When there is a reduction in food consumption, the body tends to convert excess body fat into the required amount of energy it needs.

Using the Gastric Balloon System

Unlike other weight loss procedures, the gastric balloon is less invasive and can be done within 30 to 50 minutes if done by an experienced doctor. However, certain types of meals must be eaten before and after any gastric balloon procedure for maximum success. This type of meal or diet helps make surgery successful and is highly effective for weight loss. In this article, we will walk you through some diets that are helpful for gastric balloon procedures.

Diets a Day Before the Procedures

Before undergoing gastric balloon surgery, you should be strictly on a liquid diet. Any food that’s difficult to digest should be avoided 24 hours before the procedure. Liquids like water, fruit juice, and tea should be taken. This ensures that the balloon can be perfectly placed in the stomach without causing the patient any pain or irritation. If you are on any medication within this period, you must seek advice from your doctor.

Diets During the First 15 Days After the Procedure

After a successful procedure, you must stick to the liquid diet. This type of diet must not necessarily be liquids like tea, juice, water, or coffee. They should be meals that can be sipped or taken with a straw, like soup or mashed liquified food. High proteinous stakes, low fat and sugar yogurt, and Meritene soup are advisable within these first days of the procedure.

Note that the pace at which you eat is also as important as the diet and procedure for a high success rate. Eat and drink slowly, and always stay hydrated by drinking 13-15 cups of water daily.

Diets 15 Days After the Procedure

After the first 2 weeks of the procedure, you can gradually begin to eat solid foods. During this period, your body will need to make up for the lost time, so foods rich in protein and fiber are advisable.

When eating solid foods, you must sit upright to allow the food to digest properly. Meals that contain meats, fish, beans, and vegetables are recommended. Alcoholic beverages can also be taken during this period, but they are limited to 1-2 cups on special occasions. Your water consumption should also be high to keep the body hydrated and prevent any side effects resulting from the procedure.

Bottom Line

Physical activities like jogging, walking, and swimming are additives that can make gastric balloon procedures more effective in weight loss. While exercising, do not push yourself too hard to avoid any complications. Also, avoid carbonated beverages after the procedure.