5 Ways Your Footwear Affects Your Posture and Health

Believe it or not, there was once a time where humans walked around barefoot, regardless of temperature. In 2021, you would do a double take if someone walked past you without footwear on.

However, when it comes to your posture and health, you may not realize just how important the right footwear is. Poorly designed shoes can cause all kinds of health problems, which affect different parts of the body. With that in mind, here are five ways your footwear can affect you.

1. Nail Problems

Nail and fungal problems are very common in the US. Ingrown toenails especially can be caused by wearing socks and shoes that don’t fit properly or are too tight in particular places. What’s more, repeated trauma to toenails can lead to nail deformities, so it’s vital you pick shoes that fit you well.

With summer now here, toenail problems and infections can ruin your self-esteem, so make sure you take time when looking for footwear to ensure you find a pair that keeps your nails intact.

2. Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot occurs when fungus grows on the feet. There are many ways you can catch the fungus, such as by touching contaminated surfaces or having direct interaction with an infected individual. What you may not know is that your footwear could be the root cause.

If you wear ill-fitting shoes, this allows fungus to grow. Should you experience inflammation, flaking, and itching of the skin, this could be a sign you have athlete’s foot.

3. Back Pain

For those that love to get dressed up and wear heels, you may not be aware of how damaging they can be for your health. Several problems can arise from wearing heels, such as back pain. Heels can throw your body out of alignment and cause stress for your back.

On the flip side, flip-flops provide little to no support which can cause pain from the feet up. If you’re suffering from back pain, your footwear could be to blame.

4. Joint Pain

In addition to back pain, wearing improper shoes can be devastating on your feet. Over time, your feet can soon become tired, and you may start walking differently. As this happens, there can be stress put on your knees, putting you at an increased risk of knee injuries, joint pain, and arthritis. If you are already familiar with these issues, don’t ignore them! Find a professional Knee Chiropractic to address the pain and prevent further complications.

What’s more, ill-fitting shoes can result in deformities like bunions which can hinder your quality of life. Whatever you do, you must select footwear that allows your feet to breathe. If you’re suffering from constant joint pain, make sure you see your doctor immediately.

5. Posture

Maintaining good posture is critical for your health and wellbeing. Your posture makes sure your bones are correctly aligned with the rest of your body. Shoes that offer bad support can make your posture worse. If your feet aren’t well supported, your posture will be affected, and you may experience back pain.

When your feet are not supported at work it can lead to foot pain. Good supportive work shoes and work boots can help to limit over pronation and foot pain.

Prolonged periods of walking in a pair of heels can place unnecessary stress on your neck and back, and in some cases, cause permanent postural changes. Therefore, it’s crucial you stick with footwear that provides comfort, and 24/7 support.

If you play sports like baseball, there are certain shoes which can not only improve performance but also benefit your posture too. If you’re not sure what footwear to buy, it’s always best to consult with a professional who will give expert advice.

When looking for new footwear, make sure you pay attention to the size, comfort, and support. Your health and wellbeing should always come first, and investing in the right shoes will keep you on your feet.