6 Fun Hobbies to Cultivate Your Inner Child

Do you ever wish that you could go back to being a kid again? Maybe you don’t want to actually travel back in time, but there’s always something fun and nostalgic about being taken back to your childhood.

The good news is that there are plenty of hobbies for adults that will remind you of being a kid and add some fun into your life. And who doesn’t love having fun – it’s great for anyone, of any age.

Spend More Time With Your Friends

When you think back to your childhood days, the most fun memories are probably the ones from times you spent hanging out with your friends. Remember when you couldn’t wait to go back to school after the summer break and spend every day with your best friends again?

As adults, we often don’t spend enough time with our friends because of all the other commitments life throws at us, but we often need them even more in adult life. Set a regular time to see your friends and do something fun together, like going bowling or having a movie night.


Pokemon isn’t just for kids; when Pokemon Go was released a few years ago, it was more adults that had fun playing on it than children. And since most of us that played Pokemon religiously as children are grown up now, it’s no surprise. This is definitely a game that will take you back to your childhood for all the right reasons.

Download Pokemon Go on your smartphone; if you have kids of your own now, you can even get them into it and spend fun family days together at the park searching for Pokemon. If you want to really go back to your childhood, order Pokemon cards by the box and play the game the old-school way.

Play Sports

If you grew up playing a lot of sports, you probably miss it now that you’re an adult. But playing sports doesn’t have to stop when you grow up! In fact, it’s got so many fantastic benefits aside from being a way to socialize and meet new people.

Joining a local sports team or sports league will get you out of the house and give you a fun, sociable new way of keeping fit and healthy that isn’t doing repetitive exercises in the gym.

Video Games

Video games aren’t just for kids either. In fact, most of them are far more suitable for adults, although there are plenty of whimsical, childlike ones that you can enjoy playing too – like Stardew Valley.

There are plenty of platforms to choose from if you like gaming – Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo are the most popular. Or if you prefer, you can play games on your PC or laptop. Why not download Steam and see what’s available? Not only that, but you can also pick up some cool collectibles from your favorite video games. If you’re into Minecraft, have a quick look at this link to see what I’m talking about.

Treat Yourself to a New Toy

Who says that playing with toys has to end when you become an adult? Sure, you might be a bit too big for building blocks now, but there are plenty of toys and gadgets that are perfect for anybody.

Remote control cars, drones, VR headsets – the list is endless! Set aside some money each month and save up for something that you’re going to buy purely for having some fun.

Stay at Camp

Going to camp isn’t just for teenagers – there are plenty of sleepaway camp options for adults and even better, you can legally drink now. There are camps for people who just want a break from the world for a while or camps geared towards specific hobbies like yoga. Search online and find one that’s ideal for you.

Growing up doesn’t mean that you need to stop having fun!