6 Essentials For A Fun Night In With Your Friends

Planning a night in is always a good idea. It’s a great way to gather your friends in one place, bond, and laugh. It’s also just as much fun as any night out and the bonus is, you’d save some money. Whether your night in is an adolescent slumber party, an adult game night, or even a couples-off, you want to make sure it is going to be a fun and memorable affair.

On that note, here are 6 essential must-haves for a fun night in with your friends. 

1. Games

It’s not a fun night without a few games to enjoy. An indoor gathering with friends must include board games. There’s nothing like gathering around with a group of your best pals and getting serious about monopoly.

Scrabble is another strong contender for any game night, and you can get even more competitive with it by utilizing help from Unscramble.org to ensure you get the points you need to win the game – it will help you make words of letters you never knew existed so, say goodbye to the scrabble slump.

You should always have a deck of cards handy for any night in, as it opens up a whole new world of games that you can play. Games like charades and truth or dare are also fundamental for any gathering you host at home. In any case, a little competition makes the night that much more exciting. 

2. Snacks

Another must-have is, of course, good food! Chips and salsa are among the priorities when it comes to planning a night in, so make sure you have plenty of delicious snacks to feast on with your friends. If there’s ever the right time to have candy, this is it! So, stock up on all your favorite treats and share them amongst each other.

Some other great snack ideas for your night in are mini pizzas, sausage rolls, fruit bowls, nuts to go with an alcoholic beverage for adult game nights, and cheese and crackers. It’s best to stick to finger food for your gathering. 

3. Drinks

You cannot forget the drinks. First, make sure there’s plenty of water for everyone so they don’t get dehydrated. Plus, if you’re filling up on sweets and salty snacks, you’ll be very thirsty.

Secondly, make sure everyone’s favorite flavor of juice is available or have everyone bring their own – especially for alcoholic mixers if you are of age. This might be the occasion to break out the sodas and fizzy drinks. You can also try out some hard seltzers from Long Shot.

Also, adults need a little cocktail for some liquid courage when playing games like charades and truth or dare. Also, make sure there’s wine or beer so each of your friends has their preference on hand. 

4. Camera

Back in the day, for any special occasion, someone would shout out “Don’t forget the camera!” Luckily, we all have one built in our phones so there is no excuse to not document the amazing evening.

Whether you want to take plenty of pictures or perhaps get some fun video footage of you and your friends dancing the night away, a camera is vital. Upload the documentation to YouTube or your social media account so you can relive the memory whenever you want and laugh about the endeavors with your mates. 

5. Music

Does this need further explanation? You must have music. Music sets the tone for any event and it makes everyone feel good inside. So, prepare a playlist of all the songs that would suit game night to get everybody pumped and ready to go.

Moreover, make sure there’s some dance music on there for everyone to let loose to. And finally, add some soothing music at the end of the playlist for that quiet, at-the-end-of-the-night chat with a drink. 

6. Hobbies 

For teenagers or pre-teens, you must engage in your favorite hobbies and activities during a night in with friends. For girls, you might want to bring your make-up and hair essentials so you can give each other a fun makeover. For boys, you probably don’t want to forget to bring your PlayStation and a bunch of games that include multi-players – girls, you can bring video games, too!

It’s important to set up any activities for the night beforehand, so you don’t forget anything. The last thing you want is to wind up with nothing to do. 

As you can see, it does not take much to plan an incredible, fun night in with your pals. Just make sure you’ve got some delicious snacks, enough beverages, music, and plenty of games and activities to make the night worthwhile. It will be a night to remember, and you will want to make this a weekly occurrence.