The Ultimate Guide To Furnishing Your New Home: Rattan Furniture

Moving into a new house is hectic enough, and one does not need the stress that comes with trying to get suitable furniture. To keep the excitement that comes with moving to a new house, here is a checklist for every room from Rattan Furniture that will assist in achieving your desired look on your house.

Living room

• Sofa- Instead of having to wait for a furniture retailer to create your kind of design and having to get a temporary set that might end up costing you more, you might want to check your furniture houses like Rattan Furniture. Rattan sets are a huge variety of sofa sets to suit many themes.

• Coffee table- to finish up the look after placing your sofa, getting a coffee table will serve that purpose.

• Tv stand and Tv- whether your idea is to have your tv fixed on the wall or not, getting a tv stand also serves the purpose of decorating. Once you get your tv, be sure to check the streaming services and see if you will need to get streaming boxes like Apple.

• Lighting, blinds and curtains- Blinds and curtains offer a sense of security; they also ensure proper lighting of the home and regulate the temperature. The kind of curtains you get should be guided by the lighting you need for your living room.

Dining room

• Dining table and chairs- buying a dining set with tables and chairs is a relatively large purchase, which is why it’s recommended that you take the time to get a broader look at your dining chair options and ideally, a table that suits the theme of your house. To get a glimpse of what the market offers, you might want to check a buying guide from Rattan furniture like dining sets.

• Lamps- to add ambience to your dining area, you might want to get a floor lamp which you can install later once you are settled in.

• Cabinets- for a dining area that’s in a different space from the kitchen, cabinets serve a great purpose of storage of dinner sets.


• Bed and bedside table- getting the type of bed you might want might take type, but it is important to visit a renowned furniture shop such as Rattan furniture that might offer a great offer for the type of bed you might want together with the bedside table.

• Dressing table- some wardrobes would come with a section that looks like a dressing table, but if you don’t have that, then it’s time to go shopping for a dressing table that will assist in bringing out your bedroom’s best aspects.

• Wardrobe- if your bedroom does not have an inbuilt wardrobe, it is advisable to wait till you get your bed into your room before you can bring a wardrobe in to see how much space your bed occupies.

• Lamps- the complete look for your bedside tables is brought about by having a lamp on them, and it might be the last thing you purchase for the bedroom.

• Beddings- you ought not to forget to get yourself a new set of beddings for your new bed.


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the kitchen, which might require a great number of essential keys compared to any other room. Starting with eating and cooking essentials which bring out the main purpose of the kitchen, they may include;

• Plates, cups, mugs and glasses- these might be part of your moving luggage, but if you haven’t unpacked yet, it would be a good idea if you got disposable cups and plates as a temporary option till you unpack. It is essential to ensure you have many cups and mugs in your stack.

• Tableware- for a new house, you might want to get a more durable set that aligns with your house’s theme. To purchase kitchenware, some shops offer great discounts for a great number of them and also have a variety to choose from.

• Bowls, utensils, knives, pots and pans- If you love cooking, then you might want to get large bowls for the mixing of your salads and making of your rice dishes. Since utensils come in different shapes, sizes and materials, you might want to check and look for ones that suit your cooling needs.

Kitchenware has greatly increased the designs that knives come in, and a simple way would be to get a knife block that contains the entire variety of knives. If you can’t afford the whole block, then don’t sweat it; all you might need is one sharp knife. In addition to your entire kitchen set, a bottle opener would do you great to have in the house.

• Appliances- appliances are where the heart of the kitchen belongs. Therefore, it is important to do your research to get yourself the gadgets that will serve you for a long time. A fridge is usually an essential part of the kitchen to ensure that your milk, butter, meat and other foodstuff are not bad.

Get a larger fridge to accommodate the amount of food you need for a one-off shopping spree, but if you can’t, then a mini-fridge will work for you. A kettle and toaster are essential, especially when you want to make yourself a cup of coffee. A washing machine, vacuum cleaner and dishwasher assist in cleaning your house either by yourself or by hiring someone. You may want to get yourself a microwave for instant warming your food. For homemade smoothies, then a blender would come in handy.


• Towels, shower sheen and bathroom essentials- lest we forget to complete your bathroom look by getting several towels accompanied by toiletries. Get a shower sheen to prevent soaking off your bathroom with water. If the showerhead and tap do not excite you, you might want to get new ones. Other bathroom essentials might include a toilet brush, hand towels and a waterproof water speaker.

Final thoughts

The most important aspect of having a smooth moving and furnishing of your house is to budget for the entire process. I hope the guide has been of great help through your furnishing deal. All the best, and enjoy your new home.