Can You Get Compensation For A Dog Bite Injury?

A dog bite injury is painful and scary, and the failure of pet owners to maintain control of their dogs is a violation of the law. Personal injury laws define instances in which another party causes the victim’s injuries due to a failure to provide a duty. However, how can a victim be compensated for their dog bite injury?

Was the Victim Inside the Property Legally?

A vital piece of the puzzle when managing a dog attack case is to establish that the victim was inside a building or on the property legally. The person cannot be guilty of a crime such as trespassing and collect compensation through a legal claim.

If the individual committed a crime even as minor as trespassing, the victim is deemed accountable for their own injuries because, if the person stayed off the property, the dog may not have attacked the individual. Victims who sustained a dog bite injury and didn’t commit a crime are encouraged to contact an attorney now.

How Severe Were the Injuries?

The severity of the injuries defines whether the person has a case against the pet owner. If the injuries were minor and didn’t require medical treatment, the victim won’t have a viable claim. If the person sustained a serious wound because of the dog bite, there is a good reason to seek compensation and punish the pet owner through the civil court.

How Much Did the Victim Spend on Medical Treatment?

The financial losses incurred by the victim are presented to the court, and the victim needs to get invoices from their doctor to provide to the court. The expenses include all costs related to the dog attack injuries, including the charges at the emergency room and follow-up services with the person’s primary care physician or surgeons when necessary.

Is There a Previous History of Dog Attacks?

Strict liabilities apply to dog attacks if the animal was involved in previous attacks. Under related laws, pet owners face strict liabilities under the circumstances, and the pet owners must provide full coverage for all medical expenses incurred by the victim in those instances. The stricter liability requires the pet owner to pay non-economic damages, too.

Was the Dog Attack Reported?

After a victim is attacked by a dog and gets medical treatment, the person must report the attack to the county animal control officer. The officer investigates the dog attack and determines what happened and if the dog was vaccinated according to current laws.

If any dog attacks a human and isn’t vaccinated, the owner must take the dog to a licensed vet for a 12-day quarantine. The vet reports back to the animal control officer about the animal and if the dog showed any signs of rabies or an aggressive temperament. The animal control officer decides if the pet owner can get the dog back. The dog attack report is available to the victim’s attorney and explains what happened.

Dog attacks are terrifying events, and some victims do not survive their injuries. Victims can seek compensation with the help of an attorney, and the families of the departed have the opportunity to file a wrongful death lawsuit. When managing the cases, the attorney establishes that the victim was legally allowed on the property by the owner or due to their job duties. By hiring an attorney, victims or their families learn what to do next.