Can I Get A Job Through A Staffing Agency?

According to research conducted by Team Global, many job seekers are opposed to using a staffing agency since they assume that these agencies offer temp positions. Others are convinced that the agencies don’t offer paybacks to their employees. But are these claims true? Absolutely no.

A job applicant can utilize a recruitment agency, also called a staffing agency to look for a broad range of positions and in different industries. Through a staffing agency, you can get any job position, from entry worker to supervisor to the chief executive officer. In this guide, we will give insights on how you can use them in a job search. Let’s walk together.

1. The Operations Of A Staffing Agency

At the job recruitment agencies, client firms pay the job agency to look for workers for them. Job applicants have a chance to send their applications to a recruitment agency or can call the agency they want to apply for a position with.

The next step involves the agency interviewing the applicants and placing them in the right positions. Generally, it is the responsibility of the agency to pay the qualified candidates to do the job for the client firm.

If the client company wants to employ the candidate, the responsibility of paying the candidate in question passes to the client company.

2. Advantages

There are several benefits that you get if you use a staffing agency when looking for work. Some include:

a. It’s Free

When applying for a job through a job agency, you are not supposed to pay anything since you are not the client, but rather the company.

b. They Do The Task of Job Searching

Whenever you agree to use a staffing agency for a job search, all they need from you is your CV to know more about your qualifications, skills and experience to look for the right position that fits you. You are also free to look for suitable positions on their in-house job website. In most cases, they post job positions that you cannot get on other postings.

c. There Is Variety To Choose From

With a job recruitment agency, you can get jobs in whatever industry you want, especially if you have signed up with a general job agency. If you are looking for jobs in a specific industry, you would want to consider specialized recruitment agencies.

d. There Are Benefits

Many job seekers who don’t consider using staffing agencies assume that they don’t offer job benefits, but that is not the case. Some agencies offer benefits if you work with them for a given number of times. These packs range from insurance to retirement.

3. Available Jobs

As opposed to what many people think, employment agencies offer different jobs and not temp jobs only. You can get a permanent position with an employment agency. Some jobs include;

a. Temp Jobs

Companies always need temporary employees, especially during the peak seasons, when some employees are on leave and when they want someone to accomplish a one-time project such as auditing or filling of tax returns.

These temp jobs can range from those lasting for several weeks, months, or years.

b. Temp-To-Hire Positions

They are also called temp-to-perm jobs. With these types of jobs, a candidate is employed as a temp employee for the company to study him on for a while. After a certain period, if the client firm is satisfied with the performance of the candidate, it employs him/her permanently.

While during the temporary employment period the candidate is paid by the staffing agency when the company employs him permanently, it takes over the mandate of paying him.

c. Permanent Jobs

Recruitment agencies also hire job seekers to take up permanent positions in an organization. In this case, a recruitment agency carries out its recruitment processes like a traditional employer. It finds, interviews, and selects the right applicants for the client company.

The client firm pays the fee to the recruitment company. If the client company hires the candidate, it pays for him/her.