How to Get Rid of Mosquitos Before They Get to You

In the United States alone there exist thousands of illnesses born from mosquitos. Just recently, the West Nike virus and Zika are reported to be highly detrimental. For this reason, reducing the risk of getting even a single mosquito bite can protect your health and the well-being of your family.

One way to do this is to keep mosquitoes away from your place of residence, simply by breaking their breeding cycle. If that does not work you may need to try even harder.

If the battle with mosquitoes is inside your house or in your yard, this article will help you out. We going to share practical steps you can take to remove mosquitoes from your home if they’re already there or show you how to repel them from your yard.

How to get them out of your house:

Let’s begin with the basics. The first step is to get rid of their entrance and then destroy any of the mosquitos that remain. Below are some tips and recommendations you can follow.

Points of Entry

It’s important to be vigilant and block all ways that mosquitos use to come into your house. Inspect the seals around your windows and doors and ensure they have no cracks. Also, check that your window screens are operating correctly and that they have no holes.

If for whatever reason you find your screens to have holes, you should consider replacing them professionally at any home improvement store. To save time, bring your window measurement together with you so that you don’t make a mistake on the size you buy.

Mosquitos are naturally attracted to carbon dioxide so if they’re any gaps and holes they will find their way through you.

Trap the Mosquito

Once you have the first step sorted out, you need to get rid of them inside your home. One way to do this is to set up a mosquito trap. These traps emit a light that draws the mosquito to enter the trap. Once they are inside the trap, it destroys them. Your job after this is to empty the trap and clean it once in a while.

Buy an Ultrasonic Insect Repeller

This device releases a loud noise at a frequency humans can’t notice except for bugs like mosquitos. Usually, this device is plugged into one or more sockets in your house to prevent them from coming in when your door or window is open.

How to get them out of your yard

As you may already know, mosquitoes go through four life cycle stages before they become blood-sucking creatures. If you understand these life stages you can gain the upper hand in removing these bugs from your yard. Depending on the type of species the mosquito is, eggs are either laid in damp soil or water that often experiences pooling or flooding.

In both instances, the eggs need still water to hatch and grow in mosquito larva. It will take the larva 4 to 14 days of feeding to grow in the water before they pupate and change into grown-up adult mosquitos.

Marking the larval and egg stage of the mosquito formation is one of the best ways to destroy the bug’s lifecycle and eradicate mosquitos from your yard. Once you’re done with the inside, it’s always a good idea to treat the outside to prevent a resurgence.

Check out the best mosquito repellent products for your yard that can help kill mosquitos in all of their life cycles so you and your kids can enjoy the sunny days in your backyard without any insect bites.


Mosquitos can pose an underrated, yet huge health risk, so maximizing your efforts to eliminating their existence in and around you is important. With the steps listed above, you can empower yourself to get rid of any mosquitoes before it gets to you.