How to Get Free Traffic from Pinterest Repins and Search?

There has been a notion amongst many people that Pinterest is a place for women to post their latest recipe or their new DIY project. It is understandable why Pinterest is called a scrapbooking paradise for women, as the top pinners in the platform are all food bloggers, wedding bloggers, and fashion bloggers.

But studies show that all of the biggest brands like Lowe, Apple, and Target have been using the platform for marketing purposes. Therefore, it is safe to say that you should give the repins and group boards a try too.

Many new bloggers on Pinterest are buying Pinterest followers from various online websites to get more traffic from Pinterest. You can try this technique and see results yourself.

Here are some interesting facts about Pinterest.

• A pin has more reach than your average tweet, as much as 100 times more.
• Each pin can drive up to six page visits and two page views.
• An individual pin can generate 78 cents, which can be a great benefit to e-commerce sites.
• Compared to 24 minutes for a tweet and 90 minutes for a Facebook post, a pin has an average lifespan of a week!

Now, for some tactics to create traction from Pinterest, here are some of the methods you can use.

Business Account

You can sign up for a business account on Pinterest for free and the facility of converting your current account is also there. You would be able to see a visible difference between the impact of your earlier pins and pins you post from a business account. You can also go for Rich Pins, which is the name for pins with more information than usual.

There are five categories of Rich Pins — movie, article, product, app, recipe, and place. Each of the categories comes with their own unique pin upgrade, for example, real-time pricing or a direct link that will take the audience to your website. The site will be reviewed by Pinterest and you will be informed whether your site was approved or not.

Some unique features of the platform that you can use to help you with your strategy are: –

• Pinterest Guides – There are guidelines offered by Pinterest to get you started with managing pins, boards, and analytics.

• Video library – You can watch short video tutorials on how to create pins that will be clicked and gain insights on optimising your campaign.

• Pin Tools – We have already discussed Rich Pins, there are a bunch more like Pin It button or the Promoted Pins that will help your pin to reach a larger audience and makes it easy for new visitors to find you. In addition, sometimes people buy Pinterest repins to promote their pins and reach a targeted audience.

Copy Description

If you recall pins, you can visualize the small description about a pin is always at the bottom that tells the reader what he is seeing. You need to make your description easily readable and at the same time, interesting. Unfortunately, just this won’t make your pin rise up to its maximum potential. Some ideas for bringing out the true power of your pins are: –

• Provide a short and spot-on description that makes it easier for pinners to find your pin; helpful pins have been seen to have 30 percent more engagement.

• Don’t make the description too long, it should be short and crispy and should provide enough information that makes the pinner click through to your website.

• Try to use sensory-related words in your description that will affect the emotions of the pinner, try to use positive sentiments too.

• A key aspect in making your pins engaging and to bring traffic to your site at the same time, you need to include a call-to-action in your description. Something like “click here to find out more..” or “Check this out..” have been seen to generate 80 percent more engagement on posts.

Pinterest was the fastest growing social network back in the year 2014, and it has grown from then to a huge place. It is quite evident that it is here for the long run. At the end of the day, coming up with unique ideas and striking content is what will increase traffic from Pinterest.