Trichologist-Recommended Ways to Get Voluminous Hair at Home

If nature gave you thin hair to work with, then getting Rapunzel-like strands is no easy feat. There are many factors, both internal and external, that contribute to hair growth. The good news is there are plenty of ways to achieve voluminous hair but remember none of the ways will give you the instant results but requires you to maintain consistency. 

1. Use shampoo and conditioner meant for your hair type: It is obvious but requires repetition. You need to use hair care products meant for your hair type. For example, people with fine hair should look for volume-building products to boost the appearance of thickness, and in the same way, people with coarse hair should look for moisturizing ingredients such as pea protein and egg in their shampoo.   

2. Diet matters, but eat smarter: Our hair scalp needs certain ingredients to stimulate hair follicles; after all, they are the second-fastest-growing cells our body produces. Thus, a diet full of healthy fats like olive oil, omega-3s, good-quality protein from salmon, avocados, nuts is essential for thick and healthy hair. Our hair is made of protein, and thus, protein-rich foods can help ensure your strands are strong.

However, not all foods are good for hair growth. For example, it is not recommended to eat mercury-rich fish(tuna and swordfish), affecting the hair growth cycle. For people suffering from dandruff, it is recommended to cut back on full-fat dairy products such as cheese as it triggers flaking and itching.

3. Sleep on a silk pillowcase: Do you know silk or satin is better for your hair health than cotton? Cotton absorbs all the moisture from your strands, leading to tangles and breakage. Though sleeping on a silk pillowcase won’t speed up the hair growth process, it will surely generate less friction and give your hair a soft surface to rest on.

4. Avoid smoking totally: Smoking is a personal choice, but we would be lying if we assume this act won’t affect your hair more largely. Smoking leads to restricted blood flow to the scalp and follicles, which restricts the vital oxygen and nutrients from reaching your hair and scalp. Don’t forget the toxins from smoking can slowly seep into the hair follicles and cause disruption of natural hair growth. 

5. Research hair treatments: There are many treatments to choose from when it comes to stimulating your hair follicles, such as Scalp micro pigmentation, laser hair regrowth cap, etc. Before you try any treatment, it is first important to understand the cause of frequent hair fall. It could be the particular ingredient you are reacting with or the recent tragic incident in your family.

After that, make sure you choose a credible company for selecting the hair treatment or device. For example, the Theradome Hair regrowth helmet is FDA cleared and uses laser light to target the stem cells. Hence, do your research first and avoid those options that seem too good to be true. 

6. Scalp massage: No amount of hair products will work if your hair scalp is not getting the nourishment it needs to grow healthy hair. Research supports that a scalp massage once a week has positive effects on stress hormones and heart rate, which helps increase blood flow to your scalp, thereby ensuring your hair follicles get nutrients. 

One important thing to remember is that there isn’t an ingredient or one method that can make your hair grow faster from the root. Your hair needs 360-degree care, which means you need to complete two or three tips given above in your lifestyle to grow healthy and strong hair.