5 Ways To Get Your Cat To Drink More Water

Cats can be incredibly stubborn creatures, and it’s no wonder why many will reject the water bowl that is put out for them. They can become dehydrated over time, which can lead to a range of more serious health problems. 

For that reason, it’s important that you find a way to get your cat to drink more water. Depending on their personality, areas of the house that they spend more of their time in, there are different things which will be more effective. 

It is worth trying different methods in order to see what works best for your feline friend. The following ideas offer a range of starting points to introduce more water into your cat’s routine. Check out https://mycatneedsthis.com/ for more details about how certain products can help keep your cat hydrated. 

1. Consider Canned Food

If your cat has a diet of dry food or kibble, it could be worth finding a brand of canned food that has a high content of water and feeding it to them once or twice a day. This can trick your cat into consuming more water without them noticing. 

Of course, every cat is different and has slightly different dietary requirements, so it is certainly worth comparing the choices for canned food and other cat foods which have a higher water content than dry kibble. 

You can also use your cat’s to flavor their water. Add a small amount into their water to make it taste like their favorite meat, tuna, or cat food as this can encourage them to drink more during the day. 

When you are trying to do this, it is worth being aware that your cat could attempt to reach the food if they can see or smell it in their water bowl. Lay down a mat in case they decide to plunge their head into the water to reach the food if you want to prevent a watery mess in your home. 

2. Change Their Water Daily

If you don’t make a habit out of changing your cat’s water, they may begin to avoid it. Something as simple as replacing their water every day can have a huge impact on their water consumption. Dust from the day can settle on the surface of the bowl which we cannot necessarily see, which deters your cat from drinking from it. 

3. Water Fountains

Cats are drawn to running water because it is perceived as fresher than still water that is not moving. It could be worth investing in a small water fountain that has been made for cats to drink out of, because they believe that it is fresher. 

Another reason why you could introduce a small fountain is that many mischievous cats like to drink from things that they aren’t supposed to. This includes your water cup, and garden fountains. Placing a water fountain can trick them into drinking more during the day because they might believe that they aren’t meant to drink out of it. 

4. Use A Different Bowl

Your cat could be avoiding drinking out of its water bowl because of its shape, width or even height of it. Consider introducing a few different types of bowls that allow enough room for their whiskers and face to access the water easily. 

Certain bowls are higher than others, which could be easier for your cat to drink out of as they will not need to bend down as much. 

Additionally, you could move the water bowl to a place that is easier for your cat to reach regularly. For example, those who suffer from joint issues could find it more challenging to climb onto a particular surface, so you could move their water bowl lower. 

5. Place Water Everywhere

Finally, you could try to place water bowls all around your home in order to trick your cat into taking regular sips throughout the day. One thing to be aware of is that you are more likely to accidentally step into a water bowl when you are walking through your home. 

For that reason, it is worth placing the water bowl strategically out of your way but in the spots where your cat frequently spends time in. 


Cats can be incredibly stubborn creatures, and it is important that you consider their personality and temperament in general when deciding how to get them to drink more water on a regular basis. 

This means that there is little point purchasing a water fountain if you know that your feline friend isn’t the biggest fan of moving water. It could be worth speaking to your vet if you have additional concerns about your cat’s hydration and overall health, but it is generally a process of trial and error over time.