Getting Your Auto Repair Business Off The Ground

Like other service businesses, auto shops need customers to thrive and prosper. Unfortunately, they can’t rely on word-of-mouth advertising like they could in the past. To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, shop owners must take a multifaceted marketing approach. Here, we’ll offer several promotional tips to get an auto repair business up and running.

Educate Drivers

Many people are skeptical of repair shops’ practices, which means owners must work hard to gain drivers’ trust. An easy way to do it is to give local customers relevant, informative content on important services and their necessity. At Upswell Marketing, we make promoting your auto shop easy; give us a call today.

Promote Recurring Services

Shops see the most success when they implement strategies that give customers an enduring value and keep them coming back. If you’re wondering how to get drivers to rely on your shop for all their automotive needs, create a service plan that includes scheduled maintenance and discounts on repairs.

Pay for Referrals

Offering scheduled service plans is just one way to build a wider customer base. With referral rewards, your customers will do much of the marketing work for you. These programs are affordable and simple to start; contact us now for additional details.

Start an Automotive Blog

Many of today’s most successful businesses have blogs, and auto repair shops are no exception. A well-crafted blog post will get potential customers’ attention while boosting the site’s search rankings.

To maximize the value of your blogging efforts, set a schedule, maintain it, and remember that not all posts need to be promotional. To keep readers from ignoring your posts, it’s best to strike a balance between sales pitches and relevant, engaging content.

Connect With Nearby Customers

Auto shop owners should branch out when looking for ways to get local drivers’ attention. While road signs, billboards, TV ads, and postcards are certainly effective, the internet is equally important.

Local SEO and in-person campaigns are equally effective when it comes to reaching locals. To broaden their customer bases, shop owners should use these strategies as well as pay-per-click ads and Google My Business listings.

Ask Customers for Reviews

Most shoppers—drivers included—look companies up online before making a purchase or requesting a service. Build a stronger online reputation by asking current and past customers to leave reviews. Then, share those reviews on social media so others can share in the good publicity. If a customer is satisfied, they’ll likely be willing to recommend your business to their friends and family.

Hold Community Events

In-person and virtual events such as seminars and open houses will give potential customers a bird’s eye view of the shop and its practices. Community involvement doesn’t have to stop there. Drivers like knowing that they’re supporting a business that’s making a difference. To build customer loyalty and get good press, work with charities, sponsor events, and work with other businesses in the area.

Get Help When It Is Needed

If these tips sound too difficult for a new shop owner, consider seeking professional advice. While our services are an investment, they provide significant returns in the form of increased customer numbers and higher profits. Reach out to the team at Upswell Marketing to schedule a consultation with one of our automotive repair shop marketing specialists today.