Excellent Gift Ideas for Yoga Enthusiasts

Since yoga has grown enormously around the world over the last few years, the chances are that you know a yoga lover or two. If you have been searching for the ideal gift to give your yogi friend, we are here to offer some warm-hearted gift ideas.

Ask any yoga enthusiast and they will tell you how yoga is more than just a workout; it’s a lifestyle. Support your yogi loving friends with these thoughtful gifts from essentials like yoga mats to a creative yoga mug. 

No matter if your yogi friends are yoga masters or beginners, these great gifts can cheer them up and make them say “namaste”.

Powerful Mala Beads

For thousands of years, yoga practitioners and meditation enthusiasts have used mala beads in their practice. Mala beads first appeared over 3,000 years ago in India and were originally used in Buddhist and Hindu prayer in a type of meditation called Japa.

Nowadays, mala beads are mostly used in yoga, meditation and affirmations. Mala beads help yogis count mantras and guide them through their mediation. Beads in mala necklaces can be made from a wide range of materials, including gemstones and different kinds of wood and metals and you can find out more about these necklaces by searching online.

Mala beads are a perfect gift to give yogis as not only do the beads help them to keep track of their mantras during their meditation, but they also empower them throughout the day as they manifest the power of each bead. 

Non-Slip Yoga Mat

A high quality and professional mat can take yoga practice to the next level.

Giving yogis a fantastic mat is like giving runners a pair of top performance shoes. Yogis spend most of their time on their mat, so it is important that their yoga mat can support their needs and function well. As sweat can make yogis slip when they perform highly technical poses, a high quality and non-slip yoga mat can reduce the risks of commonly occurring injuries caused by slipping.

Yoga mats come in a variety of colors and prints for every style and they are a must-have for every passionate yogi. Think about your friend’s favorite color and style and you will be able to find an awesome gift for your yogi friend. 

Creative Yoga Dice

Hours after hours of yoga practice with repetitive poses can be no fun. One great way to make difficult yoga practice more interesting and exciting is with a collection of yoga dice. Each dice has simplified sketches of different yoga poses and yogis can use these dice to vary their practice routine or try out new poses.

Doing yoga together has been proven to help strengthen relationships between family members and with yoga dice, it can capture the interests of both parents and children with mini yoga sessions and varied routines.

Yoga dice are a creative and fun gift to give to yogis no matter whether they are beginners or advanced yoga practitioners as it will always be fun to randomize poses and vary their daily routine. 

Essential Oil Diffuser

Nothing sets the mood better than an essential oil diffuser as scents can greatly affect how yogis feel during practice. Essential oil diffusers can change color to create a calm and soothing feeling. Essential oil diffusers are easy to use and maintain, and generate a cool mist by using ultrasonic waves to vaporize the different oils and water inside them.

Other than setting the mood for yoga practice by promoting a meditative atmosphere, oil diffusers also help reduce stress and boost mental focus. This is an all-purpose gift for both yogis who practice at home and for anyone who enjoys a mood lifting and energized living environment. 

Yoga Mat Spray

A yoga mat should have a relaxing and delightful scent. But as any yoga practitioner knows well, yoga makes people sweat a lot. The yoga mat spray is designed to make mats smell nice again with a variety of essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, hazel and jasmine.

With yoga mat spray, yogis can keep their mat fresh and clean by eliminating fungus and bacterias, as well as avoiding dirt and sweat to build up over time. Give the yogis in your life this spray which will not only help them to relax and enjoy their yoga time but will also protect them from nasty germs.

Yoga practice is a wonderful experience for so many people. Yogis enjoy spending a large amount of their time in their studio and at their yoga corner at home. If you have someone in your life who loves hitting the mat, choose one of these excellent gifts to show how much you care.