Top Gift Ideas For Kids With Active Imaginations

There is a bright spark in kids with active imaginations, and that spark deserves to be nurtured above anything else. After all, it is a rare thing to see a young person who’s so eager to build unseen worlds and think outside of the box so readily in their day to day lives. This is precisely why we’ve decided to outline some of our favourite gifts for kids who love to dream big and live with their head in the clouds.

Read on to help you find the perfect gift ideas for all of the sparky, little imaginative thinkers in your life!

Modular construction toys to help them reach new heights

In the past, many have considered items like LEGO construction blocks and other toys that inspire the development of engineering and architectural skills to be for boys over girls, but the reality has always been that all children truly do love to be gifted these fun, interactive toys. Construction play can provide a myriad of social and developmental benefits for kids of all ages, and encourage kids to take a more active role in the ways that they play.

There are plenty of LEGO sets out there to choose from that appeal to kids from all walks of life, so be sure to select some construction toy sets that you feel will be most suited to your child’s needs. If you’re purchasing a gift for someone else’s child, you may even opt to ask their parents for some insights to help guide you in your gift-giving process.

Stuffed animals for building worlds in their bedrooms

Not all kids are won over by bright colours and flashy advertising. Some kids actually prefer traditional toys above anything else, and so they tend to fill their bedrooms with timeless play items like wooden toy sets and of course, an age-old collection of stuffed animals. Alongside being fantastic comfort items for kids throughout the length of their childhoods, stuffed animals can be a great resource when it comes to imaginative play too.

It’s common for imaginative kids to name their stuffed animals themselves and use them to create physical narratives. As stuffed animals have been consistently unisex in the past, they are generally great gifts for kids who prefer a bit more freedom when they play, or who like to play with a wide variety of different toys rather than just a single category of toys, like racecars or dolls.

For younger children, stuffed animals can also help support emotional development, including the development of empathetic feelings towards others, as well as bolstering their own emotional awareness. In this regard, the benefits of stuffed animals truly are far too expansive to be measured, and all modern children will be enriched by the presence of these lovable fluffs in their bedroom and play spaces.

Educational STEM gifts to meld creativity and science

Whilst the last two gift ideas we’ve had a look at were more traditional toys, there’s no denying that the kids of today tend to have a great variety of snazzy gift ideas to choose from, ranging from computer games to sport and fitness equipment and everything in between that may take their fancy. One emerging selection of products that have been catching the eyes of both parents and kids alike have been STEM-oriented educational toys.

STEM toys are basically any toy sets that are designed to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, meaning that LEGO and other intricate construction toy sets are actually considered to be STEM toys themselves.

Other interactive toys like chemistry sets and astronomer’s tools like telescopes, are also considered to be highly valuable STEM toys that won’t just prove to be superb unboxing experiences for your gift recipient, but may also help them to develop new skills and challenge themselves in a way that they may not have challenged themselves before.

STEM toys are also ungendered, so all you really need to consider are what potential scientific interests the child you’re buying for may be likely to have. For instance, if the child is a nature lover, a bug or plant biology kit may just be their favourite birthday gift for this year.

Art supplies and digital tools for modern making

Finally, not all kids may be thrilled to receive toys as gifts for their birthday. After all, they are a whole year older, and they may not feel positive about receiving any item that they’ve deemed to be a little ‘kiddy’. If you’re looking to find the ideal gift for a kid who can’t wait to grow up and take on more responsibilities, then a more practical present may end up being very well received come their big day.

Practical gifts can include things like arts or drawing supplies, kitchenwares, gardening tools, or even digital tools, that is if their parents have given you their consent to give their child a digital tablet or other similar high-tech gifts.

An iPad with the Procreate app installed could give a kid the perfect opportunity to develop digital art skills at a young age, equipping them with modern technological knowledge as well as artistic skills that they’ll be able to carry with them throughout the rest of their lives.

Although kids with active imaginations do tend to be highly switched on for their age, they are also incredibly resourceful and are less likely to experience feelings of boredom over their peers. As a result, your imaginative gift recipient may very well be able to find a use for any gift that you give them!