Perfect Gift Ideas For The Kids During Lockdown

The global pandemic seems to put the whole world in a stop as each family closes their doors and stays inside their homes. This is in response to the call or many governments for a lockdown, in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus or circumvent contagion.

While this is necessary, some adults find being confined in the four corners of their home quite challenging, not only because of the boredom, but perhaps because of the stress caused by the overall situation.

See, if this is difficult for adults, can you just imagine how hard it can be for the kids too? This can particularly be sad for kids who are bound to celebrate their birthdays during the months that the country is on lockdown. Make it a bit bearable for the children by giving them the perfect gift and below are some gift ideas that will surely become a hit.

Art Kit

Since the kids can only stay indoors at this time, then perhaps it is best to let out their creativity by giving them an art kit that is complete with markers, colored pencils, and crayons. Perhaps you will find everything in one set, but in most instances, you may find only a single type of coloring material.

Apart from the coloring materials, try to include some scissors, rulers, stencils, pencils, and erasers to complete the kit and have them drawing to their heart’s content. Get to know the favorite character of your child and find art materials that feature their favorite characters. For sure they will be delighted once they unwrap your present.

Electric Car

If you have a yard where your child can soak up some sun in the morning, then one of the best gifts that you can give is an electric car that they can ride around your lawn. The officially licensed ride on car from Tesla is Tesla Power Wheels and if you can get this for your kid, then for sure he will be amazed at its features.

It looks so much like the real car that your child will definitely feel cool driving it around. Well, even if it is just in your yard. Nevertheless, you can still level up their riding experience by setting up a track that they can follow, complete with hazard and traffic signs.

Illuminated Shirt

Thanks to technological innovations, even shirts can come with a panel where kids can draw using luminescent ink. The print that they make on the panel disappears after some time, allowing them to draw on the shirt once more. Children of all ages will definitely appreciate this gift as it allows them to draw on the shirt over and over again.

Bath Fizzies

Another cool gift idea is some bath fizzies that reveal different animals. For sure your children will look forward to taking a bath with their fizzies, curious to find the next animal that will appear next to them in the water. These bath fizzies usually come in a set, such that you can give them a box that will reveal a new animal for a month.

Kids Cookbook

What better way to spend this quarantine period than to spend some quality time with your kids in the kitchen. You might just discover their talent in cooking if you give them a cookbook that features recipes that both of you can follow and prepare together. If your daughter loves princesses, Disney even features a cookbook that showcases dishes that Ariel and Cinderella can make.

Musical Instrument

If your child is into music, then give him or her any musical instrument that they can learn to play. On the other hand, if they already know how to play any instrument, it will be best to give them some accessories that will enhance how they play.

For instance, if your child is into playing the guitar or ukulele, then perhaps the perfect pluck is one of the best gifts that will encourage them to learn plucking other than strumming.


Do you notice your child’s love for writing? If so, then it is best to give him or her a journal with ample space for them to doodle or write their thoughts any time of the day. There are actually different kinds of journals suitable for kids.

Some even feature music, while others have refillable pages. Let your children have a journal that they can keep as a record to look back to and see how much they have grown in a year.

Board Games

Remember the time before the internet when all you have are board games and books? Well, now can be the perfect time for you to let your children experience what it is like before technology and give them board games.

Best of all, play the games together with them and you may be surprised that even you will find enjoyment in it. Explore on traditional board games like monopoly and scrabble but also take a look into new ones that feature characters and new adventures such as Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.

Bubble Toys

Have fun in the bathroom with bubble toys or take it outside in your patio or yard. This is a surefire way to ease out the boredom that you and your child may be feeling during this period. Simply watching colorful bubbles pop up is already relaxing in a sense, and it can leave your child mesmerized. There are even bubbles with glitters and if you have a princess in your household then this is definitely the perfect gift.

Any gift can prove to be the perfect gift for a child regardless of whether they are in lockdown or not. The important thing is that you remembered them particularly on their special day and made the extra effort to ensure that they feel extraordinary.

Nevertheless, the best gift that you would be able to give is your time. Play with them, kiss them, hug them, and assure them that in time, everything will get better and they will be able to enjoy the outdoors once more.