Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Make Your Woman Feel Loved and Wanted

Whether your woman’s birthday is fast approaching, your anniversary is coming up, or you simply want to treat them to a gift just because, deciding on what to get them can be tricky.

If you are undecided and in need of some inspiration, then this article will be worth a read. We’re going to look at some gift ideas to make your woman feel loved and wanted.

What Constitutes a Great Gift?

Before we get into it, first let’s look at what constitutes a great gift. If you really want to make an impact and put a smile on her face, you need to think outside the box.

While there is no shame in buying something generic, such as chocolate and flowers, the real pleasure of gift-giving comes from knowing that you’ve found something perfect. For example, it could be a gift that reflects a shared interest, thus demonstrating your knowledge and appreciation for their passions.

Or perhaps it could be a gift related to something they mentioned about a loved one in passing, e.g., “I used to love making pottery with my grandmother,” – so you treat them to a couple’s pottery class or a custom, hand-made vase, etc.

The trick to really knocking it out of the park is to buy a unique and intimate gift that will serve in deepening your connection with one another.

Personalised Star Map

A great example of a special gift is a personalised star map. Something that reflects the constellations in the sky on the night you met – or any other important occasion.

There are so many customised gift ideas out there that you can tailor to your relationship. Get on Etsy or any other online store with handmade and customisable gifts for some inspiration.

Something That Grows

If you don’t want to buy her flowers, why not consider buying her a potted plant instead? Something that you can take care of together and watch grow?

As lovely as flowers are, they wilt and die eventually, but with the right plant, your beautiful gift of nature can continue thriving for years to come.

Treat Her to Some Lingerie

There’s something really rather romantic about buying your partner erotic lingerie. It’s deeply personal and it demonstrates your desire to empower them and to explore their body with them in new and exciting ways. It’s also incredibly kinky which is never a bad thing!

A Monthly Vinyl Subscription

If your partner is a big lover of music, there is a subscription service which will send your partner curated and tailored vinyl records every single month, depending on their taste in music. It could be based on their Spotify playlists, or even a personalised mixtape from you!


Jewellery may seem like the obvious choice but there are ways to make it even more special. For example, you could look up their birthstone depending on when they were born and buy some jewellery that reflects that.

If they were born in the first part of October, an opal necklace or something to that effect would go down wonderfully.


Hopefully, this article has filled you with a little inspiration. There really is no limit to what you can buy your woman to make her feel loved and truly special.

Explore the internet for various handmade stores and unique gift ideas and you’ll be certain to find something that she will treasure forever!