6 Handy Tips for Going to the Beach with Your Pets

Heading to the beach with your pet is a good plan for some fun in the sun. Relaxation and valuable physical exercise are two reasons why we love hitting the sand, and it can be much more fun when you go with your pet. However, even if you know that your visit to the beach is going to be fun, there are still things you have to consider.

These 6 handy tips will allow you and your pet to get the most out of a beach trip or vacation, so you can enjoy the sun and sand without a care in the world.

Pet-Friendly Beaches

The first handy tip you should remember is to go to pet-friendly beaches. Not all public places are okay for you and your dog, so it is best to know the rules about the particular beach in case you may not be able to go there with your pet. It is important to know if it is a dog-friendly beach as long as they are on a leash or off-leash. Likewise, see how other people are treating their dogs as their guests, and you can tell how appropriate it would be to bring your dog or let them run.

Check the Area for Possible Dangers

Even though beaches are a fun place to go with pets and for some relaxation or wholesome enjoyment, there are dangers to look out for, especially for young Westies who can’t manage the intense heat. The things you should look for when visiting a beach with your pet are not just the dangers of fencing, debris in the sand, rocks, and sandpits, but also to watch out for the possibility of allergies, sunburns, or parasites.

Keeping an eye out for these dangers can mean the difference between a safe and fun trip, or a bad day for both you and your dog. Your dog just wants to roam, but you should do a little scouring to see what might cause some problems.

Go During the Morning/Evenings

The beach is pretty fun at sunset and can feel like a magical time of the day when you see the light flickering down past the horizon, but night time is not always the best time to go to the beach with a pet. Going for walks or runs at night with your dog is fine, but it might be too dark near water to let your dog go swimming. Likewise, midday is going to be the hottest time of the day so mornings or evenings when the sun is not at its highest point will keep you and your pup from burning up!

Bring Plenty of Water and Snacks

Humans do not drink lake water or ocean water because it is either unclean to some degree, or it is full of sea salt. Do not make your dog drink it because you forgot nutrition. Bottled water, a doggy bowl, fresh fruit (check what is healthy or not for your dog), and some treats to reward them are great, simple tips to keep in mind when you hit the beach. Just remember to bring some food and drinks for yourself, the hot sun will tire you out from a long day of playing.

Towels and Toys

If you and your pet are going to be enjoying the waves or just playing in the sand, do not forget to bring some toys and towels! Your dog is going to get messy and covered in sand, and you most likely will too, but just remember to bring some towels to help clear out between their paw pads and their mouths. Toys just make it easier for you to relax, but also able to give your pet some exercise, like throwing a ball while laying down.

Do Not Stay Too Long

Your dog might have the energy for days to go, and you might have some shade to keep cool, but do not overdo it. Your dog will burn under their coat without you being able to see sometimes, and it might take no time until you burn too. The best advice is to know when it is time to head home. Even food and water can only give your dog so much energy. Only a couple of hours should do.

Heading to the beach is a fun outing for you and your pet, but there are some things you should know. Before going to the beach, these helpful tips are good to keep in mind so you have a fun, safe, and memorable time that is sure to be better each time you go back because of the information you have learned!