4 Good Omens You Should Know About

Believing in unlucky and lucky omens has always been a part of the human psyche. Philosophers are known to think seriously about them, some of the greatest leaders believe in them and celebrities and gamblers are crazily obsessive about such signs.

Ordinary people too wear all types of lucky charms and engage in different rituals to potentially attract good fortune. Such belief in unlucky and lucky signs usually resides in our subconscious, to the extent that we are wired to perceive some incidents and things as either bad or good for us. Here in this short article, we will acquaint you with 4 such widely known good omens that you should be aware of.

Tingling of hands

It’s a widespread belief that whenever your hands tingle, it’s a sure shot sign that money will either leave you or come to you. The general consensus in this regard is that money will come to you if it’s your left hand that’s tingling. In case it is the right hand, it’s highly likely that money will leave you soon.

The same is applicable when your hands start itching all of a sudden. So, rejoice if it’s your left hand that is itching! You might be about to win a lottery!

Chancing upon a good luck charm

Any time you find a good luck symbol like a four-leaf clover, a coin, a horseshoe or an acorn, it might be a sign of some good fortune coming your way. For instance, Diane von Furstenberg has a lucky gold coin that was given to her by her father.

You should never throw away such lucky symbols as they normally possess some very good energy. Many also believe that the good luck of such symbols multiplies if you bury them in your garden, inside a metal box.

A butterfly flying into your home

Many interpret it as a sign of receiving important guests. In case the butterfly has very bright colors, it implies that the visitor will be bringing some good news related to your love life. However, if the butterfly is almost black in color, the visitor will be bringing some business or career-related good news.

Whatever you do never chase out the butterfly from your home. They always bring good luck. Please also remember that killing any butterfly that comes into your home might change the good luck into bad luck.

When you feel an itch in your ears

Itching ears often mean that someone somewhere is talking about you. The common belief is that the person is saying good things about you if it’s your left ear that is itching. In case it’s the right ear, you’re not being talked about in a good way. So, next time you feel a sudden itch in your ears, remember that you are being gossiped or talked about somewhere.

There is a common saying in this regard, “Right for spite, left for love!” Many even believe that the itching stops instantly if you correctly guess and say out loud the name of the person who you believe is talking about you.