Say Goodbye to Clutter in the Bathroom with these Helpful Tips

Bathrooms are often the victims of ridiculous amounts of clutter. And the reason for this is because whatever items we use in the bathroom, we can’t really take out of the bathroom- everything that we need to use in there, has to stay in there. So what is the solution?

There are actually a lot of innovative and smart ways in which you can declutter your bathroom, and this is why we’ve collected these tips for you so you can have a clean, good looking bathroom at all times.


There are usually so many items thrown about in the bathroom and never enough counter space. So the solution for this is definitely organizers. And since most of the time, there isn’t much room to add in furniture for storage, the best solution to eliminate bathroom clutter with organizers is to use wall-hung organizers.

You can get a shower caddy to hang on the shower itself so you have easy access to your shower items, or you can even have corner shelves installed in the shower and also around the bathroom in general. With a bathroom that is really small, consider having over toilet shelves installed. Some can be hanging, and there are also designs that are made in a way where you just slip them over the toilet. 


If you have drawers in your bathroom that are just brimming over with a ton of toiletries, then the best thing to do is to get yourself a couple of drawer dividers. This way, you can still keep all the items you need in the drawer, but in a much more organized manner. 


There are a number of smart ways in which you can organize your towels so that they’re not strewn all over the place in the bathroom and looking messing hung on hooks on the bathroom door. You can get wicker baskets that will look wonderful in any kind of bathroom and put all the unused towels in one, and the dirty ones in another. You can also invest in towel racks.

There are designs that allow you to hang a number of towels in a way where each one is on a rack below the other, without them touching. This way, the wet towels won’t ruin your clean ones by getting them damp and smelly. 


Apothecary jars are rustic and look amazing. You can buy a couple and fill them with things such as cotton balls or cotton buds and place them on the counter so it doesn’t look messy and ugly with the packaging that these items usually come in. Plus, once you open their packaging, you don’t have to worry about bacteria because they’ll be kept sealed in these jars.


It doesn’t matter how much you clean your bathroom, there’s always going to be the eyesore of all the toys that your kids play within the bath. This is where the bath toy bag comes in. Place a hook on top of the tub, and put all of the kid’s toys into the bag and there you go! Problem solved.


On the inside of your shower or bath, have an extra rod installed a couple of inches beneath the original one that holds the shower curtain. This way, you can hand wet clothes or towels to try after you’re done without making the bathroom look horrible.


Instead of having a ton of bottles all over the place in the shower area, you can get a shower dispenser. This looks like the soap dispenser that you see out at restaurants and hotels, and you can get three or more in a row to keep the liquid from your shampoo, conditioner or shower gel. This looks really nice and you no longer have to look for where your bottles are as you shower.

The bathroom is a place where a lot of things are needed and sometimes it can look disastrous, even after you try your best to clear it up. This is why it’s important to look into different kinds of decluttering options that are smart and take into consideration that there’s only so much space in most bathrooms, so it only makes sense to have storage ideas that work specifically with that in mind. You’ll find that all of the items mentioned above will go a long way in changing how your bathroom looks and it will also help you know where everything is, while keeping it looking classy.