Why Google Cloud Is The Best Choice For Your App Development?

Billions of Internet users trust the Google search engine to find the information they need. This is the most famous modern company, which is known in almost all corners of our world. People trust Google, why not trust their files and apps to the Google Cloud?

Cloud platforms have long won the favor of many of the world’s commercial structures. This is not surprising, because the cloud platform profitably saves money and allows you to use the resources of powerful computers remotely, for a certain period of time.

Recently, cloud services have significantly expanded their services, and software developers have been able to use not only the “hardware service” of car rental, but also all the necessary tools, infrastructure for the development, testing and launch of a startup of any complexity.

If you revise in detail the services of the Google cloud platform, the advantages of a monopoly search engine over their counterparts become obvious.

Magic Discounts and Google Pricing

The technical monopolist offers the client the most innovative and balanced approach to the pricing of services. Google’s capabilities allow us to provide the user with a test period for most applications, after which the client will be able to correctly determine the package of services and make optimal use of the funds.

With long-term cooperation, Google practices discounts and an individual approach for each client, which expands the target audience of the company and distinguishes Google from its competitors.

In general, having impressive capabilities in terms of the number of data centers, computing computers and infrastructure, it is very difficult for competitors to create more attractive conditions for cooperation. Moreover, Google uses the world’s private fiber and controls many world-famous Internet providers.

Own worldwide network

Google has the largest private network in the world. This is a very impressive infrastructure advantage and, objectively, a monopoly position with maximum advantage. In practice, this means the best data transfer rate for the company’s services and the lowest price for promoting software applications to the market. Therefore, google cloud development is beneficial for entrepreneurs of all levels.

The best software products for online business development

The Google Cloud platform offers the best solutions for the development of online platforms of any target orientation. The list of services is constantly growing and updated with new products since the company is the main player in the software technology market. Google provides a basic set of tools:

  1. Cloud storage service.
  2. Hosting of virtual computers Google Compute Engine.
  3. Google App Engine software modules for application development.
  4. Cloud Run app to run applications without a server.

Effective migration of computers

Another core benefit of the Google platform is its popular virtual machine migration feature for optimal use of the computer resource. The closest competitors AWS and Azure do not have this potential and cannot provide the same quality of service.

Live migration technology ensures uninterrupted operation and availability of applications at any time. This process consolidation extends the infrastructure lifecycle and optimizes the performance of all virtual machines.

Google Cloud security and reliability

The security system in Google Cloud is constantly being improved and meets all modern requirements and challenges. The Google Cloud security model is similar to all other Google applications. The main security components include encryption of data by default and processing of client requests in accordance with the Google Cloud Terms of Service protocol.

The multi-layered security system for cloud storage and data centers is reliably supported by the Fortinet Security Fabric with an adaptive response function. The advantage of this model lies in the adaptation of security functions to the very competence of the cloud. All security environment tools are rigorously tested and supported by the cloud.