5 Great Fiction Writers for Taking Your Mind off Things

When your world is full of stress, a great idea is to find a way to take your mind off things and there is no better way to achieve that than a good book. Fiction works, in particular, are great options because it gives you a chance to escape the real world and immerse yourself in a different place or even time altogether.

In-depth explorations of alternate worlds or areas with immersive themes are the key to good escapist literature and with the stress of life weighing you down, a great option for taking a mental break from it all.

Reading has always been one of the best stress-relievers because it gives you a chance to slow down and truly immerse yourself in something other than your thoughts and worries. Particularly when the world around you is uncertain or difficult, taking this time for yourself can help alleviate the intensity of your stress and give you an opportunity to relax without worry.

Finding the right book to escape the world for a little while will go a long way toward reducing your overall stress levels and take your mind off the woes that trouble you.

Reading a book is just one of many different options for taking your mind off things in a world that is full of stress and challenges, and also a quite popular option as well given the breadth of genres available to choose from. No matter what your reason for wanting to escape reality is, your options are boundless when it comes to finding the perfect book with which to do so.

Consider adding reading to your mindfulness routine to help alleviate stress in addition to the many other great resources available for helping to manage the challenges of everyday life. For some of the best escapist fiction authors to choose from, continue reading below and you might just find your next to-be-read book for taking your mind off things.

1. Jonathan Franzen

Award-winning author of five novels as well as a collection of non-fiction books and essays, Jonathan Franzen is a well-known writer of complex and immersive literature that can truly help you escape from it all. His works are truly transportive, helping readers feel as though they are completely lost in the story as they read it.

His novels have won awards and his most recent has even been turned into a television series adaptation, giving you even more ways to escape the reality of life for a little while! Not only can you read the book, but following it with a chance to watch the adaptation can add even more escape from the stressors of life.

2. Brit Bennett

New York Times bestselling author Britt Bennett is the author of two popular novels that explore complex and detailed themes sure to immerse the reader in the deep and thought-provoking plotline and character development.

Her poignant works will be sure to transport you through the emotional exploration of the characters and their lives, making her one of the best authors to include in the list of writers of fiction that will help take your mind off of things.

These complex emotions can be relevant to many and exploring them through literature is an excellent way to not only escape reality but also gain more clarity on it at the same time.

3. Neil Gaiman

Prolific English author Neil Gaiman is one of the most popular writers on this list and has a wellspring of works to choose from when finding a great book to immerse yourself in. Numerous movie and television adaptations exist of his works as well, making him a great resource for something to read!

This rundown from Cool Things Chicago has a great introduction to all his books and other works, making it an excellent resource for finding the next book for your reading list! You will have many great options at your disposal for taking your mind off things after seeing just how prolific this author is.

4. Marlon James

New York Times bestselling author of four novels, Marlon James is a writer of fantastical worlds based on mythological ideas and superstitions. These works transport you into complex and intriguing landscapes filled with wondrous creatures and complex themes that will be sure to immerse you in the fantasy and take your mind off the troubles of everyday life.

Despite the fantasy theme of the work, the themes explored within his books are still poignant and powerful.

5. James Baldwin

James Baldwin’s works are often described as intense and moving and while the themes are not light or airy, they are compelling, resulting in a truly transportive range of literature to immerse yourself in.

The timely themes explored in his work provide a unique perspective that can take your mind off current affairs while still lending a valuable opportunity for added insight into those affairs at the same time. His works have been heralded as classics, beloved by millions, and read by many across the globe.

When the world is chaotic and filled with stress or worry, reading provides a much-needed escape for millions of people. Fiction work is a particularly popular option because it allows the reader to truly immerse themselves in something other than the reality that is causing them such stress in the first place.

As you explore the options available, you will see that there are innumerable themes across a breadth of genres at your fingertips.

This list of great fiction writers for taking your mind off things is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding a good book to dive into.

Use this as a starting point to develop a reading list chock full of immersive and compelling works to ease your mind and give you a chance to escape the troubles of your life for a little while. You will soon understand why reading is one of the best and most popular options for people looking to ease the stress and tension of their everyday lives.