Nike Leads The Way In Green Models For Fashion

The call for fashion giants to embrace green business models has never been this loud. All stakeholders are on alert about the catastrophic impacts the fashion industry has had on the environment. Customers are aware of the high risks hence they demand higher standards from companies to ensure environmental sustainability.

Betway researched the practices of fashion giants and they came up with a list of the top three to have embraced green models. Nike is the first brand on the list. This sportswear brand has made two amazing breakthroughs in environmental sustainability – the use of recycled polyester for all products and recycles of 99% of the water used dye textiles.

A sustainability guide was released to guide all their designers in the best practices. They are well on course to be a carbon-neutral brand, a journey that began with the launching of an initiative called ‘Move to Zero’ in 2019.

Zara also took impressive steps towards environmental sustainability by pledging 100% sustainable fabrics that will be used for all their products. This could reduce risks connected to deforestation and biodiversity loss. By the same year, Zara stated that they will have 0% landfill waste.

The third giant on the list is Adidas. Adidas didn’t just find a way to recycle dye water but completely remove water from the dyeing process. They led the way in the production of plastic-free products. This move has been embraced by a wide range of other industries. They presently have more than 50% recyclable materials and are planning to get to complete or perfect recyclables.

Not only fashion brands have contributed to the clothing environmental sustainability discussions. Electronics giant, LG, also made vital contributions by urging customers to pay attention to the longevity of clothing. LG announced that clothes can last very well if users have access to the right tool such as cleaning products and appliances.

When clothes last longer, waste will be significantly reduced. This reduces the landfill effect as well as other environmental after-effects. The initiative was tagged stillwearingit by LG.

An infographic by betway is reproduced below: