How to Choose the Ideal Grill for Your Backyard

You may have walked into a grill joint, ordered your favorite grilled chicken, and after paying for it, you said to yourself, “can’t make the same at home?” The truth is, preparing your own grilled meat or even veggies at home slashes the price by a significant margin.

Moreover, grilling is often a great way to spend time together with family and friends, enjoying your favorite treats as you chit-chat the evening or weekend afternoon away. But you will definitely need some equipment to complete the equation.

If you have some space in your backyard, a grill is an amazing piece of kitchen equipment to own. Whether you’re hosting a backyard party or simply need one for those family fun moments, it is important to get well-informed before going shopping for a grill.

Therefore, here are some helpful tips on how to choose the ideal grill for your backyard.   

What Is Your Preferred Type of Fuel?

How often will you be grilling meals from your backyard? As you think about this, there are3 main types of grills by fuel type. These are:  

  • Charcoal grill
  • Gas grill (propane or natural gas)  
  • Electric grill

You might be living in a place where, for whatever reasons, do not allow charcoal use. But if you are in a free environment, charcoal can be a great option for barbecuing because good quality briquettes burn for long, ensuring the meal grills faster and evenly.

However, if you’d rather not deal with the smoke mess, an electric grill or gas grill can be a great option. The best thing about propane and natural gas grills is that maintenance is lower than that of a charcoal grill, and you do not require an outdoor power outlet, as is the case with electric grills.

A good gas grill is also perfect for most occasions as it is more convenient, especially if you have a gas supply line in your home. All in all, the ideal grill for you will depend on the fuel type you’re more comfortable with.

Size and Storage

Size and storage are the next factors to think about. How much of a grill lover are you and how big is your backyard? As you compare the various types of outdoor grills, you’ll need to measure the area you want it stationed first. You need to have enough space for grilling and chilling as you enjoy your favorite grilled meat.

If you are a party freak and love it when friends come over for booze and bites, then you definitely need a grill with several burners for convenience. Nobody wants to prepare the same meal twice or thrice because the grill cannot hold enough meat for all the guests! Get one that matches your needs in terms of size, placement, and storage.

What Grilling Accessories Are You Familiar With?

A charcoal grill may not need the same accessories as the electric one. Your grilling skills can guide you on which grill you can settle on. If you are a newbie in the grilling game, then you need simple tools for your grilling experience because your skills dictate the accessories you use.

But with time, as you walk towards being a grill master, you can upgrade your accessories as your skills sharpen. However, some basic accessories include strong tongs, meat thermometer, grill brush, and meat spatula. Gloves will help protect you from grill burns.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Shopping has never been easy, especially if you are looking to buy something that will serve you for long. We all prefer saving a few bucks when purchasing quality products.

Grills vary in prices according to size, material, brand, features, and the type of fuel, among other factors. When shopping online, reviews can guide you through choosing a great grill based on your budget. They give an overview of the grill performance so you can decide whether to buy it or not.

A backyard grill is something you’ll use for many years to come since you will probably not use it every day. However, you will still want to choose a quality grill without denting your pockets. The good thing is that there are many options to choose from on the market, and you will never go wrong by reading trusted online reviews.

The above are just a few things you need to consider when choosing a backyard grill. While at it, make sure you get a grill with a rust-proof burner and sturdy built for stability.