Hair Care Tips Every Woman Should Know

Maintaining a good hair care routine is one of the biggest challenges you can have as a woman, because there are a lot of elements that come together to keep those locks luscious and long. 

If you are a newbie to the world of hair care and you are looking for some helpful tips this year, we have some great ideas for you to keep your hair long, thick, and healthy. 

Here are some of the most essential hair care tips you need to try this year. 

Use the inversion method 

The first tip we have is actually a routine you can try once in a while to promote hair length. The inversion method involves oiling the hair and massaging your head in order to promote blood flow to the scalp and hair growth as a whole. You can also check Allurium Beauty for hair growth.

Get yourself a hair oil and massage it into your roots, then flip your head upside down and massage your head for 5 minutes. Wrap up and leave for an hour before rinsing out. Repeat this for a week. This is a simple trick and it is one that you can try every couple of months as an intensive hair treatment. 

Wear a mask once a week 

A hair mask is an important part of your hair care routine, and you should be wearing one once a week for maximum nourishment for your locks. A hair mask is full of hydrating and protecting chemicals that will keep your hair strong and soft as well as help it to grow. Apply a hair mask on slightly damp hair and leave it in for at least 10 minutes, before rinsing out and washing your hair as normal. 

Wash in warm water 

There is a common misconception about hair care that says you should wash your hair in cold water. Although heat does indeed damage the hair when there’s a lot of it, heat is needed to open the pores of your hair and get the dirt out. Warm water is perfect for this task as it will open your pores without overheating them, and this will ensure your hair will be clean and ready for styling. 

Only scrub the roots 

When washing your hair in the shower, you might be tempted to scrub your scalp and then working your way down and rub your ends between your hands too – this is not necessary. When you start to apply shampoo to the roots of your hair and scrub it in, the excess product will run down the lengths of your hair and this is sufficient cleaning for the ends of your hair.

If you try to rub the hair between your hands you actually risk breaking the strands and causing damage. Stick to the roots and let the water do the rest of the work. 

Never condition above the midsection 

After you have shampooed your hair you should always use a conditioner. The main mistake people make when applying conditioner is applying it to the whole head, which can cause your hair to become dirty and greasy much quicker.

Instead, focus on the midsection downwards towards the ends. Always leave your conditioner in for a little while to soak, and you can always clip your hair up out of the way while you wash your body and face to give it chance to soak in. 

Eat salmon once a week 

Salmon is a superfood and it features on pretty much every healthy eating list around. But one thing you might not know is that eating fatty fish like salmon can do wonders for your hair. Salmon is a wonderful meat that is flavourful and full of amino acids – these are helpful for repairing and maintaining the strength of your hair. 

Sleep in a protective style 

How do you wear your hair when you go to bed? Most of us simply throw it up into a messy bun without regard for the ends – but this can cause a lot of damage down the line.

Instead, consider twirling your hair into a bun and make sure that the ends are tucked in to protect them from damage during the night. Another popular protective hair style is a braid, which can also double up as a way to get some nice beachy waves in the morning! 

Swap to a microfibre towel 

Regular towels have a fairly open weave, and this can be bad for your hair as you dry it because hair strands can become trapped and break. However a micro fibre towel has a much tighter weave and this means that you will be able to dry your hair without any of it becoming trapped. If you don’t want to purchase a new towel, t shorts are also really great for this purpose. 

Brush from tip to root 

When brushing your hair, it is always important to start from the tips and work your way up the hair until you reach the root. The easy explanation for this is that it is easier to work out knots from the bottom than the top. If you started at the top of your hair and got stuck on a knot, you’d be more likely to put pressure on it and snap your hair. 

Always apply a heat protector 

Heat protection spray is one of the most important things you can have in your hair care Arsenal. If you have been on Tik Tok in the last year, you might have seen the difference a heat protection spray makes to a piece of bread in the toaster.

Heat protection spray will ensure that the heat from your straighteners and curlers won’t break your hair and cause split ends. It is a super important product and if you like to use heat on your head, it is one of the most important of all. 

There are so many different ways to look after your hair to keep it strong. Use some of these useful hair care tips to ensure that your lovely locks stay thick, strong, and long this year.