Are The Hair Transplants In Turkey Good?

Each and every year, people fly to Turkey with an eye to get cosmetic surgery, especially hair transplant. If you have hesitations or at least questions in your mind, you should definitely look at the hair transplant reviews and the success rates of the surgeries which are hold in Turkey, each year.

Before moving on to the main part of the article, we can say that the short response to this question is straightforward. Yes, the hair transplants performed in Turkish facilities, particularly those in Istanbul, are among the best surgeries available.

Of all, there are various causes and reasons for this success and fame.

First of all, Turkey’s healthcare system regulations are so stringent that all employees, from the bottom to the top, must adhere to the rules. Surgeons, on the other hand, acquire a thorough education while still at health academies and colleges. They don’t stop learning after they get their credentials; they take classes, read articles, and consult with other surgeons to learn about anything.

They also have the opportunity to practice on a daily basis in order to improve their performance on the field. When all of these variables come together, there is a success that makes people feel secure.

Thus, it can be said that with the advanced techniques and equipment, the doctors in Turkey give you one of the best chances, if not the best, that you can find on earth.

To illustrate and go for a deeper comprehension on this topic, it would not be wrong to say that the experience of the surgeon that you will be working with is one of the most important components of the success that lies behind the truth that Turkey is the first location that most people around the world think of when they think of travel.

Every year, a large number of people travel to Turkey in order to undergo hair transplant surgery. As a result, discussing “experience” would not be surprising. This experience extends back to the earliest beginnings of hair transplant procedures. That is, the date of the first hair transplantation operation in Turkey is very close to the date of the first worldwide. Turkey has become one of the most experienced countries in this field as a result of this predicament.

Besides the date considerations, the number of treatments conducted each day, week, month, and year is another cause for the experience in this business. The growing number of procedures performed each year has contributed to the sector’s success. According to unofficial data, hair transplantation is performed on over 350,000 people each year in Turkey.

In the light of these aspects, one can conclude that the surgeons in Turkey are constantly getting experienced. As you all know, practice makes perfect!

Aside from the possibility of a favorable outcome in the hands of a successful expert, Turkey provides the opportunity to save money. That is to say, when compared to other famous destinations across the world, hair transplants in Turkey are extremely affordable.

It is due to the fact that the minimum salary, cost of living, accommodation, rental, utility, and management charges are among the lowest in comparison to other countries.

Further, the regulations that are strongly agreed upon and implemented by commissions align things with the goodness of the outcomes. As you are aware, if there is a rule to follow, there will be a success.

Similarly, Turkey has a good healthcare system, more than 1500 board-certified plastic surgeons, more than thirty Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited institutions, and a sizable number of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) members.

This enables people to go to Turkey as a destination for their cosmetic surgeries, especially for the hair transplant, with the certainty of the safety feeling. As a result and previously said, Turkey becomes one of the most visited countries in the world for hair transplants, and the majority of clinics, doctors, and technicians gain experience over time.

When it comes to price one more time, keep in mind that the cost of a hair transplant operation in Istanbul and Turkey varies according to the popularity and prestige of the surgeons, specialists, healthcare practitioners, facilities, and institutions, the quantity of grafts required, and the quality of service.

Respectable clinics and doctors, for example, charge between $2,500 and $5,000 on average for FUE hair transplants, whereas the same surgery with the same level of service costs between $13,000 and $18,000 in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the majority of European countries.

Furthermore, DHI hair transplantation in Turkey costs 20-25 percent more than FUE. While the majority of the packages are geared toward foreigners, the price includes three nights in high-quality hotels, language support, and airport-hotel-clinic shuttle service. Yet, it is still very cheap when compared to the other European countries which are aforementioned.

Before ending the article, it may be a good reminder for you why getting a hair transplant in Turkey is a good idea apart from all these boring facts. Turkey, as a country, is a bridge between West and East. So, throughout history, there have been a lot of wars and fights for this part of the world. Accordingly, many holly civilizations have been settled and each of them put a now pile of the cultural texture.

Especially, Istanbul has become the pearl that everyone desired to see and live in it. When you go there, you will see the history, you will feel the souls which belong to the past. You will both see a mosque and a church in the same street. To conclude, a wonderland will be waiting for you to visit with all its goodness!

To summarize, Turkey, particularly Istanbul, is one of the greatest destinations in the world for hair transplant surgery. Thus, Turkey is frequently recognized as the best country in the world for hair transplants.

Due to their very low prices, high level of service at world-class facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology, high quality, and affordable healthcare, Istanbul and Turkey are fantastic possibilities for medical tourists looking for the best hair transplant vacation itinerary.