Essential Things To Learn About Hairdresser Injury Claims

Most people go to a hairdresser to get their hair done or avail of other salon services. While the primary reason is beauty, a visit to a salon is one way to relax and have some “me-time”.

However, you cannot expect things to be safe and secure all the time. There could be instances where a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere can turn into something hazardous or disastrous. Accidents inside a beauty salon can result in someone getting injured. If you figure in a hairdressing-related accident, you must seek professional advice.

Making hairdressing claims is not simple. There are several factors to consider, which a solicitor who specialises in hairdressing claims can help you understand.

What type of compensation could you claim?

Think about the things that must be included and considered when you make a hairdressing injury claim. Here are some of the things you can include.

• General damages. This pertains to the physical effects of the claim. A general damage claim covers the pain and suffering you experienced, including the anxieties and psychological impact. In this case, the more severe suffering is, the higher compensation you will receive.

• Care claim. If the accident or injury requires you to hire a caregiver to help you recover, you have a good reason to make a claim.

• Medical expenses. Your compensation claim should include all the medical costs you will incur due to a hairdressing injury. For example, it could consist of treatment costs, counselling costs, and fees for prescriptions.

• Travel expenses. If you are required to travel directly relating to your injuries, such as visiting your doctor, the hospital, or the therapy clinic, you should include the expenses to your claim.

• Lost income. If you lose income or anticipate that you will lose income in the future because of your hairdressing injury, it should also be included in the claim.

Tips on how to ensure success

The first course of action when making a hairdressing injury claim is to seek the help of a solicitor. When you work with an experienced solicitor, you can expect to understand how to have fair compensation.

It is one thing to file a compensation claim, but you should remember that factors will affect the amount you will receive. Ensure that you are not liable or at fault. Provide all the evidence to support your claim. Your solicitor can guide you regarding this. You should ensure that you can prove that you are not liable for the accident and you are not aware that the treatment has some adverse effects.

Additionally, you should confirm that the hairdresser did not perform a skin patch allergy test, which is a required test. Likewise, show evidence that the hairdresser did not explain the treatment’s possible side effects.

The compensation amount varies, and you have three years to file a compensation claim after the hairdressing injury occurred. One thing you should keep in mind is that hairdressing claims processing takes time.

In addition, you should carefully assess if the compensation you stand to get will be more than the expenses you will incur. Finally, discuss with your solicitor if it will be more beneficial to settle out of court.