Anatomy of a Happy, Productive Office

Full-time office work takes a lot of time and energy. Our contract says 8 hours of work per day but we all know how it really is. One hour on the bus, sometimes we stay overtime just to finish something really quickly (ah, sweet life of a workaholic!), then taking a small peek at your business email inbox — just to be sure that Elaine liked your monthly report you sent her last minute, so you can sleep tight and calm. Sounds disturbingly familiar?

The happy and healthy working environment is not only about fresh coffee, adjusted desks, profiled chairs, fast internet connection, and expensive computer monitors. Sure, it’s nice if you can avoid chronic back pain thanks to an excellent-quality office chair. It would be better if you can purchase an ergonomic office chair online to make you feel more comfortable. But what if the pain comes anyway? Why?

One of the increasingly frequent causes of physical health problems is stress. This powerful factor can take a couple of years of a cat’s life. The danger is no different for human beings. Constant migraines, muscle contraction, lack of energy, backbone and heart conditions… All that thanks to stress.

Being under pressure at work is usually a result of having not enough time. Or more precisely — that we can feel how time is slipping through our fingertips. We put too much on our plate and getting lost in the chaos of deadlines. The key is not working more but to manage our time and tasks better!

When traditional to-do-lists are no longer effective, try out office mobile apps. They appeared on the market for a reason — to make your office life survivable. Faxburner app, Clockify, Google Docs, and much more to find. Usually for free and suitable for every operating system. Technology doesn’t have to be the enemy of our generation. If used wisely and created for a helpful purpose, the apps can really improve our daily lives.

To find more tips on how to manage your office life better check the infographic provided by Faxburner app creators: