Why It’s So Hard To Buy Ps5: The Shortage Explained

If you are looking to get a new PS5, you might be disappointed to learn that you will have to wait for a while. Sony wishes to progress with their gaming console production, but a shortage of some components constrains the process.

So do you want to know all the details revolving around the ongoing PS5 stock shortage? Keep reading.

What is the real problem?

According to Sony’s quarterly report, they confirmed that indeed there has been a shortage of the PS5 gaming console and that the main reason behind this has been shortage of semiconductors. The chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki also highlighted that Sony is having problems increasing the production of the PS5 consoles because of the same issue.

Besides the production of the consoles, scalping has also been one of the factors of the shortage, with people using bots to snatch up new stock as soon as it becomes available. Just note that if you’re looking to do the same, you’ll also need quality residential proxies (bots alone won’t cut it) and you can read up more about them here.

Who are the PS5 semiconductors suppliers and what have they been up to?

AMD is the current supplier of PS5’s semiconductors and the 7nm CPUs needed in the production of this gaming console. AMD had recently secured a good batch of the semiconductors from the manufacturer (TSMC) to increase production and boost supply. Even with a 40-50% increase in production (translates to around 1.5 million PS5 units), Sony still struggles to meet the demand.

The demand explained

There is no doubt that people are loving what PS5 is offering, and one can almost be sure that the orders are not going down soon. Although Sony made the PS5 hoping that it would be the game-changer, they probably didn’t expect people all over the world to treasure it this much. Sony has even dubbed the PS5 launch as their biggest console launch ever.

What Sony had planned to achieve

The initial plan was to ship 10million PS5 units by March. However, with the increasing demand, the need for increased production and adjustment of this number has been there as well.

Considering Totoki’s sentiments, it is entirely unclear whether the units Sony has supplied have hit the numbers they had earlier aspired to achieve. No matter how you want to look at it, the PS5 is a great gaming console and even if more stock is availed, it will only charge more demand.

Is it worth buying a PS5?

The PS5 is definitely the gaming console of the day and the future. There is so much that this PlayStation offers that would make a lot of sense to a gamer at a time when not so many video game consoles satisfactorily fulfill gaming needs. Here are some PS5 features that make it a worthy investment right at the moment:

• Advanced haptic feedback technology

• Beautiful graphics

• Tempest 3D audio technology

• Faster loading times

• Zero lags/friction

The PS5 is not the cheapest gaming console you will find in the market but with these factors, investing in a PS5 is currently a worthy shot even if the availability says otherwise.

But it shouldn’t be so hard!

Here are some strategies you can use to buy a PS5 even when they are limited in the market:

• Try out the smaller retail stores- A small PS5 batch will barely take seconds in large retailers’ websites and it can almost be impossible to buy this console there. However, with small retailers, the competition is always lower, meaning that if they have the console, the probability of getting your hands on it will be higher.

• Buy it from a foreign country- Sony has tried to distribute this gaming console worldwide and you should also constantly check reliable sellers beyond your jurisdiction. If you have the upper hand in completing purchases, you may beat the country’s buyers and have your PS5 shipped to your home country.

• Use good proxies- With a residential proxy network, you can get access to limitless secure IP addresses that will bypass any PS5 buying restrictions a local or global seller has set on their website. Note that you can still use bots, but this means that you will spend a lot more and you will have to keep sending requests to PS5 retailers, which may be inconvenient for you.


Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this post and now understand why it’s so hard to buy a PS5. Keep checking this site to stay up to date with the latest headlines regarding this gaming console and much more.

At this moment, we can only hope that the situation at the production stage of the PS5 from Sony will change for the better. Whether the number of PS5s in the market will increase in the future or not, it’s all in the production team’s hands.