8 Signs That You Have Healthy Hair

Your hair is going to stick around on your head for a while before it gets trimmed off — especially if you wear it long.

We put our hair through a lot of things during the time that it takes to go from root to ends, and all of this heat styling, coloring, tight hairstyles, or general wear-and-tear can take its toll.

The healthier it can stay while it grows out, the better your hair will look and feel overall.

And, just because you struggle to set down the straightener or quit the hair dye, doesn’t necessarily mean that your hair is damaged. Everyone has different initial strengths, thicknesses, and resilience when it comes to hair, so just because you put it through the wringer doesn’t mean it isn’t perfectly healthy.

Below, we will cover some tell-tale signs that your hair is doing pretty well in the health department.

1. Your Hair Feels Smooth and Soft

Before you do anything to your hair, if it feels smooth and soft when you run your fingers through, it is likely pretty healthy.

The smooth texture of your hair comes from the cuticles laying flat, meaning that they aren’t busted open and standing up from damage.

Soft hair means that the cuticle is more or less intact and that the natural oils from your scalp are able to coat the hair.

2. You Have Little or Normal Amounts of Shedding

Losing some hair on a daily basis is normal.

It is perfectly normal to part ways with 50 to 100 hairs every day, and this amount of shedding will not change the way your hair looks overtime as long as your regrowth is coming in normally.

If you notice a few lost hairs when brushing, showering, or here and there around your home, this can be completely normal.

As long as you haven’t noticed any drastic changes to the amount of hair you are losing, and you aren’t seeing clumps of it coming out — you may have perfectly healthy hair and normal shedding rates.

If you do notice much more hairs being lost than usual and have visible thinning or bald spots, it may be time to speak with your doctor to see if you have any underlying health issues or if hair loss treatments are a good option for you.

3. Your Hair Has Bounce and Movement

Healthy hair moves.

Hair bounces and voluminous movement when you walk is a sign of a healthy head of hair.

Unhealthy hair may have the tell-tale sign of staying stick straight, looking stiff, or even sticking straight out when moving it around instead of flowing downward.

4. Your Hair is Shiny

Shiny hair doesn’t just come from hair products, if you have a pretty healthy mane, you will have naturally shiny strands.

When your hair cuticle is laying flat and is healthy, it gives the perfect flat canvas for light reflection — giving it that healthy shine.

The natural oils from your scalp have an easier time making their way down the whole strand when your hair is healthier, too, making the shine stand out even more.

5. Your Hair Has Minimal Tangles and Frizz

Frizz can be a sign of broken hairs and damaged cuticles, and tangles can be the result of less-than-smooth hairs unable to gentle slip past each other.

When your hair is healthy, tangles and frizz are much less of a problem.

6. You Don’t Hear Many Hair’s Breaking When Brushing Your Hair

If you ever try to brush through your hair and you hear looks of little “pops” happening, those might be strands snapping.

Lots of broken hairs happening from a gentle brushing can be a sign of weak brittle hair.

But, if your hair handles a brush beautifully without lots of snags and little popping sounds, you likely have a pretty healthy mane.

7. Your Hair Can Handle Humidity

Humidity, or lots of water density in the air, can be the nemesis of an unhealthy head of hair.

No matter how much product and styling you did before heading out, a high humidity day can make water work its way into damaged cuticles and lead to a puffy, frizzy mess.

If your hair seems to be strangely resilient to even those very humid days — congratulations, you likely have some pretty smooth cuticles helping to keep that moisture out.

8. Your Hair Dries Pretty Quickly

Unhealthy, overprocessed hair with open cuticles sucks in water and holds on for dear life.

This may lead to much longer drying times when you step out of the shower or go in for a blowout with a hairdryer.

However, healthier strands are much more resistant to becoming waterlogged and holding onto moisture.

If you find that your hair easily air dries, or you only need a few short minutes with a hairdryer, you may have some very healthy locks.