Should You Have A ‘Wedding Day Perfume?’

The wedding day is an experience that is close to the human heart – a special day when you and your significant other tie the knot. You officially become married in the presence of your loved ones. This event is something you’ll remember and rejoice in for the rest of your life. 

As daunting as it may appear, planning for this particular day months in advance can result in a memorable wedding. You’re attempting to capture moments by photographing and filming yourself, your spouse, and those you care about. Similarly, the perfume you apply can help you craft positive memories. This is applicable especially on a significant occasion like a wedding. Let’s have a look!

Can Scents Trigger Memories?

Your brain tends to function with complex mechanisms. Surprisingly, certain smells can elicit memories from deep within your brain. You may be doing it right now!

The sense of smell operates as a time machine, which is why you remember a specific event or person when you inhale a particular aroma. This is why people give perfumes and colognes to friends and family.

How To Get The Right Scent?

Now that you know how scents tingle with your brain, you should think about what perfume suits you. If you buy a fragrance that’s too weak, no one will care, and if it’s too strong, you’ll be driving people away from you instead of getting compliments. 

Here are three things to remember for getting the perfect perfume on a special day!


Decide how much money you want to pay for perfume before you start shopping. It is a luxury item, and the pricing varies considerably between brands. One may cost less than ten dollars, while others may cost more than one hundred!


The concentration of oils and chemicals will determine the strength of the aroma. For example, Eau de cologne has the lowest power level compared to Eau de parfum. The latter has the highest strength, having approximately 18 to 21 percent oils coupled with alcohol.

The former will last 2 to 3 hours, and the latter will last longer than 6 hours. If you are allergic to a specific aroma, it is usually a good idea to examine the ingredients used to make the cologne.


In this day and age of technology, you’ll be easily able to find stores that sell perfumes of top quality, online and offline! If you’re going offline, ensure that the store has a good reputation, personalized services, and experienced staff. 

If you’re looking for a store that makes bespoke perfumes that match your personality, then is the right place for you! 

Why Maison21g?

Before purchasing a perfume, Maison21g invites you to attend one of their workshops designed to create a fragrance as unique as you are! Expert perfume producers with years of experience will advise you and help you get the scent you’re looking for!

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