8 Health Benefits of Swimming

If you are looking for a form of exercise that ticks all the right boxes and is a lot of fun, look no further than swimming.

You already know how important it is to keep your weight under control and stay as fit as possible. When you look and feel good it is not just your physical wellbeing that benefits but your mental health gets a boost too.

Here is why you need to roll back the pool covers and dive into the water to enjoy a great swim.

1. Great for your fitness

One of the great things about swimming is that you don’t really need to have a great technique to feel the benefit and get fitter.

Regular sessions in the pool will help improve your cardiovascular fitness levels and it can only get better as your swimming technique improves, so it is a win-win whatever level you are at.

2. A safe way to exercise

If you put your body through its paces you can always risk injury but swimming injuries are very few and far between.

As the water supports your body weight, it makes it a great way to work out without putting undue stress on your joints.

3. Improves muscle tone all over

When you go to the gym you have to focus on each muscle group with different exercises but swimming is brilliant for building muscle all over your body in one single session.

4. Helps you to manage back pain

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from regular back pain there are some definite benefits attached to regular swimming when it comes to helping you alleviate symptoms.

It won’t fix your back pain, of course, but swimming will help loosen joints and ease sore muscles without much impact on your spine.

5. A great way to lose weight

One of the problems of being a bit overweight is that working out can put a real strain on your body but swimming is a form of exercise that will help you burn calories in a more enjoyable way.

6. Improves flexibility

Maintaining a good level of flexibility with your body is always a good idea and if you want a viable alternative to pilates or yoga, swimming fits the bill.

You stretch your whole body when you swim and that can help make you more flexible.

7. Great for your mind

When you exercise regularly and feel better about yourself it can really boost your mental health and swimming is a very relaxing way to raise your heart rate without getting too stressed.

In fact, swimming can be a really excellent way to get your mind in a good place.

8. Swimming helps you fight off disease

It has been shown that if you can commit to swimming for a minimum of 30 minutes each week it will help lower your risk of heart disease.

These are just some of the many positive reasons why regular sessions in the swimming pool can be so beneficial and how it can help your mind as well as your body to stay in the best possible shape.

Who knew a fun exercise like swimming could be so good for you?