The Three Biggest Health Mistakes Dog Owners Make

Human and dogs can have one very important thing in common and that is that they both like to be and stay healthy. Health is very important to all living creatures, but sometimes dogs will need a little help from their owners to keep them happy and healthy.

Keeping an eye on your dog is more than just making sure that they do not become a missing pet. Dog owners want them to live as long as possible but sometimes mistakes are made. There are three mistakes that many pet owners could make since they are not aware of them. I will bring these mistakes to light.

1. Teeth

Dental Hygiene is quite important for dogs and it can be overlooked which can cause a lot of problems such as gum disease, oral cancer, fractured teeth and tooth decay. Bacteria from the gums can even make its way into their bloodstream. Plus, about 85 percent of dogs, before they turn three years old, have a risk of getting a dental disease in their lifetime.

To avoid this there are a few steps that dog owner can do at home. They can start by brushing their dog’s teeth from a young, puppy age. The dog owner can start off slowly from the front of the dog’s mouth to the back, making sure that the toothbrush is a soft-bristled one as well as getting to the gums at the top and the bottom of their mouths.

This should be done once every day and the dog should be rewarded after the task is done. This can help the dog get used to having their teeth brushed. Plus, taking them for a dental check-up can also do them a lot of good and it is advised to do so.

2. Fleas

Dogs can get fleas and it is important to check if they have them or not. Fleas are preventable but they are often overlooked which could cause some dogs to have flea allergies which can create bigger issues down the line. There are many ways to get rid of fleas such as tablets or sprays and the vet would know the best and safest way to do so as well as offer other alternative options.

Fleas usually appear more in warmer seasons such as summer and autumn/ fall and they can die out in the colder ones but this all depends on where the dog is living since temperatures can be different in different parts of the world. The best thing to do is to check for fleas as often as possible and sorts them out as soon as possible.

3. Hair and Nails

A clean dog is a healthy and happy one even if they are not a big fan of the bathtub. This is why the pet grooming industry is expanding since they do the jobs that many pet owners do not like to do or they cannot do it as well as the groomers such as haircuts.

Keeping the dog clean often depends on what breed of dog they are for example a long-haired dog should have a haircut every summer or when it is hot so that they do not overheat. Pomeranian grooming styles could be different from a pitbull’s grooming methods and etc. Bathing the dog once or twice a month (or more often if they get dirty quickly) can help with skin issues as well as allergies if the correct shampoos are used.

Another aspect of grooming that a lot of people can miss is nails especially for dogs that stay inside the house. Nails can grow long and curve around which can make it difficult for dogs to walk especially on slippery surfaces. Nails can also cause paw pain since they can dig themselves into the pad of the paw.

Plus, long nails are more likely to get accidental ripped out which can hurt as well as lead to infections.

A dog can be a lifelong friend who will need some help to keep themselves healthy. It is important that a dog has an eye on them and as soon as something is odd to take them to the vet for a checkup. Home care routines such as grooming, checking for fleas, and brushing their teeth can be the best way to keep that pet healthy and happy so that they can enjoy their lives and have fun with you, their owners.

These mistakes that people make are simple to correct but it has to be consistent which can be a challenge at times but will be worth it in the long run. Pets are important to the family and should be looked after once owners know what to do and they can ask the vet how to do the task well.