Does Hemp Help With Stress?

Nowadays, many are experiencing tremendous stress due to a variety of reasons. Our lives are becoming increasingly fast-paced, so some may become overwhelmed, causing a bevy of health problems. Fortunately, a substance rising in popularity may help you manage stress: organic hemp oil.

How do CBD products help with stress? The introduction of this substance to the body may cause a few changes to occur, so we take a look at how it could potentially impact and affect stress levels.

What is Hemp Oil

Hemp seed oil is a herbal substance that has been found to have various apparent benefits. After years of studies, experts have discovered that it may relieve stress, soothe pain, and cause other wellness benefits. As a result, many hemp products were produced to provide its goodness to the public.

It usually contains coconut oil and other essential oils in order to boost its potential health effects. Moreover, its products come in many forms such as oil tinctures, edibles, and capsules. You will get varying effects depending on the kind you use.

What Causes Stress

Before discussing what causes stress, we must first know what it is. Stress is the human body’s response to demands or dangers. It is caused by our natural “fight-or-flight” response, and its purpose is to protect you. This helps us adapt to certain situations such as public speaking and exam taking.

However, it may become harmful if excessively prolonged, and our modern lives exacerbate this. Every day, we are faced with numerous office tasks and met with various demands from our families and other relationships. In response, people now seek various ways to cope with excessive stress using organic hemp oil.

Unfortunately, some turn to harmful vices in order to cope. For example, some may eat excessively, causing weight gain, and eventual cardiovascular conditions. Moreover, others may drink themselves into a stupor, causing further health problems. Worse, people may smoke cigarettes and take harmful chemicals, endangering their health even more.

That’s why hemp oil is needed more than ever. Modern society brings more external and internal stressors that cause worse effects of stress. Elevated stress levels may lead to anxiety and heart disease, so hemp oil may be a better and healthier option.

Hemp Oil for Stress

To deal with overwhelming stressors, hemp oil is available as a nutritious, organic option. This extract could relax its user and reduce anxiety. In fact, it could delay or manage symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses. They are caused by several anti-anxiety chemicals unique to the oil.

In fact, organic hemp oil is a superfood due to its high amount of fatty acids. It contains lots of omega-3 and omega-6, also known as essential fatty acids (EFAs). These may promote brain health that facilitates stress management and mitigates anxiety symptoms. These could also improve cardiovascular health, managing factors that cause stress.

Despite its likely ability to lower stress levels, hemp products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical disease. They are to be taken as supplements, not medication. Moreover, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How to Use Hemp Oil

The hemp oil benefits you may receive will depend on how you take your dose. It’s usually dropped underneath the tongue in the form of tinctures. By doing so, it spreads directly into the bloodstream, providing immediate relief. Taking the oil alone may feel uncomfortable, so it may be mixed into your favorite meals or drinks instead.

Alternatively, you may opt to use products that are infused with the extract. There are foods available that contain this healthy substance. In addition, there are capsules that provide hemp benefits in one big gulp.


Organic hemp oil is a great way to manage stress. We now experience more stress nowadays, so it helps to have a healthy and natural way to cope. The oil can be taken by itself and be mixed into food and drinks. Moreover, there are products that already contain the extract.

Consult a medical professional before taking any organic hemp oil products. Make sure to follow the dosage recommended by your doctor or by the product label. Proper use and dosage may reduce the chances of adverse side effects.