6 Hen Party Adventure Ideas In Australia

A hen party is not simply an occasion to dance and drink. Of course, it’s not always the case, but very often, it’s a unique event for the bride. We should hope that they really marry for life and bear that in mind while planning this evening, just like they plan their wedding.

A lot depends on the bride, whether she likes parties, where she likes to party, with whom and what style, but if you’re the one planning her hen party, you probably have answers to all that questions. And now you’re only looking for inspirations to organize something exceptional.

If you happen to live in Australia or you’re planning a bachelorette journey, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best party adventure ideas for hen party there:

  1. Strip show

Yes, it may sound like a cliche, but we’re not talking about men slowly taking their clothes off to a song, alright? We’re talking about a real, loud, diverse piece of entertainment that’s very often more exciting, enjoyable and impressive than a live concert, a play or a musical.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a hens party in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide, you will certainly find a place to spend the most entertaining and girly night of your life. You will get a chance to bond with your girls and to give yourself and them something to remember and go back to with a smile on your faces.

  1. Glamping

It is exactly what you hear – a combination of camping and glamour life. You don’t have to choose if you prefer to connect with nature and go to an isolated place or party all night with your friends. You get to travel independently, enjoy the weather and spend the night under the open starry skies without the inconvenience of sleeping in a cramped, uncomfortable tent and the unwanted company of mosquitos and other insects.

You will be able to talk all night, drink and dance however you like it – all alone, only with your group or in a bar. There are at least several glamping places in Australia so do your research and choose what suits you best. Closeness to nature will also help the bride relax and charge the batteries before the big day.

  1. Retro Party Cruise

Who doesn’t long for older, glamour, vintage days sometimes? The times when people always looked so elegant but, at the same time, they certainly knew how to party? Now it’s possible to travel back in time, only if for a couple of hours. You can cruise along Australian rivers, admire views and landscapes while drinking and dancing with your pals to some cool, old-school songs.

You can pretend you’re partying on the Titanic, reenact Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile or simply have the time of your life dancing the night away. It will be even better if you organize some costumes for the whole group – it’s not difficult to find a place where you can rent vintage dresses or you can go shopping for some second-hand treasures.

  1. Cabaret dinner show

This idea is a perfect combination of classy and spicy. It’s not a strip show, even if it sometimes may include a burlesque-like performance. You can feel like a part of the French bohemian way of living surrounded by famous genius artists, painters, writers and musicians, or enjoy a magician’s show and even engage the bride-to-be to become a magician’s assistant.

You can all be Zelda Fitzgerald for the night, feel like you’re spending time in Moulin Rouge or have a true Prestige experience (after all, Hugh Jackman is an Aussie).

  1. Wine tour

Who doesn’t love wine, right? So why shouldn’t you, the bride and her friends, spend the night with something you all love? Organize a trip to a winery, enjoy each other’s company and a variety of wines during wine tastings.

Learn something about how it’s made, take a stroll around the place, admire the views (as wineries are very often surrounded by beautiful landscapes), bond with your girls and charge your batteries. What’s more, even if some of you aren’t big fans of wine, many regions offer a diversity now – vodka distillery tours, cheese tastings, visiting chocolate factories, etc.

  1. Professional photoshoot

Get the whole package – professional make-up, glamour clothes, the setting of your choosing and then photos. Feel like a supermodel, have loads of fun and get a wonderful souvenir of the day. You will have a chance to learn something too – a make-up artist and a photographer will both gladly give you some personalized advice.

Before you start planning anything, it’s important to consult with the bride. You may want it to be a surprise, but you also want her to enjoy the night so make sure you know what she likes. Have a night to remember with a smile!