How to Choose High Quality CBD Oil?

As CBD continues to dominate the health supplement world, many individuals have become interested in investing in the manufacturing of its products. However, it does not mean that all sellers provide high-quality CBD oil. In fact, some businesses are actually selling substandard or low-quality CBD oils as a response to the increase of people who are now using the product.

Then enters popularity. You become lured to buy this and that because you have searched online and it’s the top link. While that may also help, you would still need to rely on other things, not just “gut feel.”

There are so many options available in physical stores and online but how can you be sure about the quality of the product? Here are some tips you may want to consider before you purchase your CBD oil.

Know Your Goal & Educate Yourself

Before anything else, ask yourself: why should I buy CBD oil? Knowing the purpose is the first step towards achieving your goal. If you’re interested in buying and finding high-quality CBD oil, this is the first thing you should do. Looking for CBD products without even knowing your purpose or the terminologies used in the market will put your money down the drain and, in worse cases, it can take a toll on your health and safety.

Once you know the reason you are buying CBD products, you know where to start. Are you going to use CBD oil to cure chronic body pain? Or are you planning to add the product to your lifestyle as a means of improving your mental wellness?

Tons of informational articles and videos are available all over the net. You can make the most out of these resources to know more about CBD flower (also known as CBD hemp flower), oil, and other CBD-related terminologies. But of course, you have to go in-depth in understanding what CBD is in the first place.

As you go further, you would understand that there are different kinds of CBD products available in the market as well. Today, you can buy CBD oils, edibles, and even creams. This would help you check what would suit your lifestyle. By doing research, you would choose which one you want to use: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD oils contain everything that can be extracted from the plant. This means that you can get terpenes and THC along with the helpful cannabinoids.

On the other hand, broad-spectrum CBD products have the phytocannabinoids you need with an amount of untraceable THC. Islotes are just plain CBD and nothing else.

Educating yourself by doing your own research will also help you manage your expectations, especially if you haven’t experienced using CBD products in the past. Through research, you’ll be able to read comments of CBD users and determine how certain CBD products affect their lives. Their comments will also prevent you from buying CBD products that are unsafe or from buying businesses that are illegally operating.

Quality Products Come in Quality Packaging

When buying CBD oil, make sure that the label contains all the important information you need to know like the source, dosage, and ingredients, among others. Sometimes, consumers tend to just scan over the product label – ending up buying the wrong thing.

Just like other products you can buy in the market today, how the packaging looks can speak volumes about the quality and legitimacy of the CBD product. Aside from the product name and manufacturer’s information, you should only buy CBD products that contain information as to how the CBD was extracted and where the hemp plants were planted and harvested.

The container itself also matters, to ensure the longevity of the product once you store it. Most of the time, CBD oils are kept in dark-colored glass bottles to avoid UV rays.

Source & Extraction Method

As mentioned earlier, many new players have become interested in selling CBD products. In this case, you would know if they are manufacturing high-quality CBD oil if they tell you straight up where they get their hemp and how they process it.

You can check out further information on the company’s website. The source and extraction method should be discussed on their page to show the “legitimacy” of their products. Otherwise, you should doubt the products.

The information you would see must contain where the origin of the cannabis plant is. European countries are known for their hemp cultivation. They even have the strictest SOPs in producing organic hemp.

With this information, you would know that you are NOT getting CBD products that may contain harmful GMOs, artificial ingredients, or pesticides. After knowing the source, you should also take a look as to how the raw material is processed to become what it is in the market.

There are three common methods of extracting CBD from the plant:

CO2 Extraction

The CO2 extraction method is the most advanced and most expensive method of CBD extraction. This is where CO2 runs to the plant and extract the important cannabinoids. The “mixture” then goes to the last chamber, leaving the extract at the bottom and the CO2 separated up top.

This method can be considered one of the most successful processes in extracting CBD. However, some manufacturers do not have enough resources to choose it because of its price.

Solvent Extraction

The use of a solvent is the cheapest and fastest way to extract CBD from the hemp. You would need isopropyl, butane, propane, and ethanol in the process.

In this method, waxes from the flowers and the plants are dissolved by soaking them in the solution. Once the alcohol evaporates, you would see the oil extraction – that’s the cannabinoids concentrate.

Unfortunately, you would also get chlorophyll in this process – leaving the end product tastes bitter. It is also quite risky most especially when the evaporation process is skipped. There is a high chance that you would get the toxic residues from the solvent mixture.

Olive Oil Extraction

Using olive oil is considered the oldest method of extracting CBD. Some users consider this as the safest and simplest process to do.

In this procedure, the plant is heated to remove carboxylic acids at a specific temperature for quite some time. After this, olive oil is mixed with the hemp and heated again. This is where cannabinoids get extracted from the plant.

However, the downside is that the mixture still has olive oil since it does not evaporate in the process. You would need to take more dosages if you buy a product extracted this way.

Storing it is also a thing to consider. Olive oil is perishable so the CBD product must be kept in a dark and cold place.

Among the three, you may want to choose products extracted using the CO2 extraction method. They may not come in cheap, but you know you are getting more than what you pay for.

Check Out the Third-Party Lab Results

It may be easy to write down how good your product is on a website, but a third-party laboratory testing could make or break you. Make sure that you check the results and that the test is done by reputable laboratories across the country.

Now, what should you look for? The information must contain the publication date, the accreditation of the laboratory, and whether the report is indeed for that specific product or not.

Buying CBD oils that contain third-party lab results will give you peace of mind that you’re only using products that passed the standards set by the agencies. CBD oils with third-party lab results are also deemed safe and effective.

The government is yet to approve a testing process that would determine the quality of the CBD oil we could get that’s why third-party labs are tapped by manufacturers to do the job. Of course, they would not risk their license to operate to lie, right?

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is a great discovery in the industry of alternative medication. But before you hit any store out there, make sure that you know what you are getting.

There are consumers who tend to blame the manufacturers for not getting what they are expecting to receive. This dilemma happens simply because some consumers do not actually understand the process and just get the product because their friends said so.

When getting CBD products, you must understand what you are buying. It would not harm to do a little research.

Even though CBD overdose is not possible, it’s best to stay on the safe side, never go beyond what your body can intake as it may interact with your other medications and might cause adverse effects. Lastly, consult a doctor if you have any other concerns regarding the reasonable CBD dosage you should take.

Furthermore, do not settle for cheap products that may cause harm. Invest on high-quality brands that are worth every cent.